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Is it with everyone or am I boring?

Hello there!

I am writing a post after an insanely long time! Honestly, I haven’t found anything to blog about. Things kinda seem to repeat now. The autumn is here, winter is coming, assignments, deadlines, exams ..Halloween and Armada are around the corner. It is so much like last year that makes me so out of things to blog about. And, it gets me to ponder on the question, am I boring or is this just the student life that everyone is going through?

While there are a ton of people planning a vacation and one-day or two-day trips, I sit here meddling with the inverter in the garage or reading about different motors on EV trucks for PMH! It’s so easy that one could tag me boring but I guess it is a choice that we make on things that we enjoy in life, and we should not be judged for that. The grass is just greener on the other side. While I look at aww at those people who are so lucky to travel, they seem to think about my opportunity to do this.

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Well, do you know what is true about student life behind all those curtains of living in a fancy city, multicultural environment and abroad insta-stories? It’s just that all of us have got deadlines, projects, and assignments to complete. The colorful picture (the above one is just black, white and red) is colorful in its own way I would say; which brings us to where we started. But yes, this is what is typical of a student life, there are is a ton load from school and when you are done with it, you can either go party or travel or perhaps go to the garage to “Fixa en bil”, “Elbil”!!

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I wish I could see those buggars! Kill them with a capacitor!

Now that I have flaunted my Swedish, let me also tell you that I have taken a Swedish course with KTH this semester. There are several reasons to why I have chosen this course, one is definitely because Swedish is an awesome song-like language and it would be a shame if I didn’t pick it up after living here for two years, second, you like it or not, many companies demand Swedish knowledge! “Many” doesn’t mean all, but “many” is indeed many! So why not?! I am just not finding the courage to post my Swedish assignment here, a recording of me ordering and taking orders in a cafe in Swedish! I am not very fluent, but my Swedish friends did tell me that I am getting there! So yay! Anyway, I would recommend all you non-swedes to learn some Swedish if you wanna work here for a little while, also it’s nice to have another language up there on that CV, don’t you think?

So to answer the question we started at, no I am not boring. It just depends on how you define boring! Student life is just that busy apparently. And hey, I am planning my little trips too. The aurora borealis season is here and I’m having some thoughts up in my head to head a bit up north to spend that money I earned from the summer job. 😉

Take care!



PS: I envy exchange students! Period.



Cover image credit : prettyriveracademy