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KTH Faces | Dhruv

“Finalising KTH to pursue my Master studies was based on deductive logic. Back in India, I was working in ABB, which is a Swiss-Swedish company. During my tenure at the company, I could get valuable insight into European culture. While scrutinising the universities to pursue MS, I came across KTH Royal Institute of Technology. In addition to the good international university ranking of KTH, I chose this Master’s program in KTH because it is unique in its kind. Having work experience in techno-commercial profile, I was looking for a program which has the mixed flavour of technical and commercial aspects. This program offers courses starting from technical aspects of a conventional power grid to smart grid along with their economics. It also offers seminar courses where one gets an opportunity to interact with professionals from the industry regarding ongoing development trends. Some of the courses offer study visits as well that enable one to correlate concepts with its practical application. I felt that the program at KTH was constructed to address the future challenges and is closely collaborated with industries. After finishing a year of studies at KTH, I feel that I made the right choice.

I am inclined towards planning and operation of the power grids that include but not limited to the design of electricity markets, efficient operation of the power plants, asset management, the impact of renewable generation on the conventional power grid infrastructure etc. Soon, I am going to start a project based on the asset management of a power system for electrified transportation as a part of one of my project courses. It is about studying the interaction between EVs and energy infrastructure. I am looking forward to starting working on it.

Travelling to Sweden was my first international travel. Being from India, the very first difference I felt was the different climatic conditions. Back in India, I had never seen such a visible change in the climate throughout the year. It was Autumn when I arrived here, and the colourful season was followed by the beautiful fall and then the dark winters. However, being a photographer by passion, the best part about the dark winter was that I did not have to wait for the sunset in order to capture beautiful city lights. During the winters, I realised how I never appreciated the importance of sunshine back in India. Believe me, after the dark winters the sparkling spring with beautiful flowers around and a bright sunny sky with a comfortable temperature is just like a cherry on a cake.

The lifestyle of Stockholm amazes me on a regular basis. I really appreciate the way it promotes the equality in a true sense. I was really surprised to see the infrastructure to support physically challenged people to a mother carrying her child in a trolley. On weekends, I could see one different aspect of lifestyle that is work hard, party harder. People go for winter sports, they do basking under the sun. Once I saw a family of four, all with their bicycles. To me, it reflects an excellent work-life balance.

Being a student, I was always loaded with my work deadlines. However, if you plan your work in advance, you will always have time to pursue your hobbies. During the past year, I have travelled around Stockholm and could capture some nice photographs. I always wanted to try winter sports, so I learned ice-skating during my first winter here. The bucket list is long but nevertheless, there is always a next time, next winter in this case. I also found a way to continue my interest in badminton in a nearby sports complex in SU. In the summer, taking a bath at Lappis beach is truly a refreshing experience. I would suggest everyone try it in some nearby water body.”

Dhruv Bhatt comes from India. He is currently studying the master’s programme in Electric Power Engineering at KTH. He is also one of the international student ambassadors for the programme, and you can contact Dhruv for any of your queries regarding this programme.