Why should you choose a corridor room over a studio apartment?

I am so glad that I am staying in such an amazing corridor with so many people from different nationalities sharing the same living space together. It’s absolutely an amazing opportunity to know about different cultures, traditions, native food etc. I personally feel that I get more international experience in my corridor than at the university because we hang out and spend so much time together in a very personal space.

Be it celebrating Christmas together or just having a game night, it is so much fun to have people around and much warmer to feel like a family. Hey, the communal cleaning days are just as much fun as the other days 😛

I learned some delicious recipes from my international friends. The Chinese salty shrimp porridge was a bowl of heaven! Did you know you could make super tasty bolognese with lentils? and sourdough pizza tastes like it’s sraight from the God’s!? Also, we usually give each other a taste of every meal we cook. Isn’t that amazing?!

The other day, I was extremely tired and super hungry at 10 PM, all I had to do was to ping my corridor mate – “Hey girl, am hungry and tired, what do you have?” and there she replies- “I have some fresh home-baked bread on the counter, have as much as you want <3!” That felt so good, so much like being with my own family, a feeling of just having someone. I call it warmth 🙂

I should also mention the crazy conversations we have, from complaining about work or university to talking about the Nazi concentration camps. They literally span across the extremities of the topics of funny, interesting, boring and daunting! Also, when you have a bad day, you always have someone to listen to you, a shoulder to cry on. I am so grateful for the long hugs I have received on my terrible days, you don’t get them in a studio apartment unless you live with someone.

I have heard from my friends who stay in studio apartments that it feels a bit lonely living alone. And, there is no big common space to have friends over but every corridor has a big kitchen and sitting space for least 10 people! Although low cost and a great social life might be the selling points for a corridor room, if you’re someone who is very private and prefers to have a super clean kitchen, you might perhaps wanna stick with your studio den.