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KTH Faces | Antonio

“You definitively have to have a passion for what you do in order to be able to leave the tropics and move to the dark and cold Sweden. Since I started my engineer education in Venezuela, I have been always attracted by challenges. I took the decision to come for an exchange program at KTH in 2015 and as soon as I started I just felt in love with Stockholm and Sweden. It is something in the air that made me look at the best side of Sweden and forget about how dark and cold it can be (mainly in winter). The way the society is organized, the diversity and inclusivity pushed my desires to stay here and continue my education.

Now, after 4 years I am officially celebrating my 3rd year of Ph.D. education and, amazingly, I have survived! I am working at the Fiber and Polymer Technology department at KTH, in combination with the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU). My focus is to study bio-based materials and functional applications for protein-based side-streams as alternative solutions for non-sustainable products. In sum, I am trying to take wastes and turn them into something good for the planet (no intention to sound cheesy). I really enjoy what I do and the people that is beside me, both in my two research groups. A Ph.D. is not only about playing with expensive tools, sleeping on papers and failing 98% of the times, but it is also a paid-time for you to grow and analyze what do you really want to do in the future and in your life… or sometimes it can even make you more confused!

As funny facts of things that I have discovered from myself while in Sweden: I am a selfie-addicted and always like to take pictures of everything. No wonder why my phone gallery is collapsing… I also enjoy giving chocolates to my friends. I realized that is the most efficient energy-transforming process for me; instead of me eating calories, I make my friends to eat them. I have also noticed that Sweden increased my hair loss rate dramatically. So before being completely bald, I preferred to make this KTH story now!”

Antonio Capezza is from Caracas, Venezuela. He is currently pursuing a Ph.D in Fiber and Polymer Technology at KTH Royal Institute of Technology and Product Quality at SLU.