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FAQ: Master Thesis – How did you find one in an organisation?

I thought about a good sequel to my last post focused on career opportunities. If you missed it, read up on here. This post is pretty much me sharing the process of getting my Master Thesis Project. Seeing that it is a sequel, I would connect the highlights from the last post to each point I make from now on. So, let’s get the ball rolling…


Remember how I mentioned the importance of having the right people in your network and how the seemingly unimportant social events can open one’s eyes to opportunities lurking within. I was having fika with a friend and “master thesis” came up. This friend of mine was just rounding up his master thesis project with Scania. My take-home from our conversation was simply this:

there is nothing like too early, start the search so that you will be prepared when opportunities come knocking

Where are these jobs?

I am that person who listens to advice and runs head-on. Therefore, I started with a quick google search, “Master thesis in Stockholm”. I saw that companies advertised on both Linkedin and glassdoor. From then on, I intensified my search on these platforms. Remember I mentioned that KTH also posts job openings? I found out at this same time that there was a master thesis opportunity in Vattenfall posted both on KTH portal and Linkedin. Guess who decided to give it a shot?

Well-written CVs and cover letter

Before summer, I took my CV to one of the CV events organised by KTH Career Services. This helped me to ensure that I had a well-written one by Swedish standards. Then, being the double-checker that I am, I sent it again to few friends working in the industry to ensure that I had drafted the final copy appropriately (still showing the power of your network). KTH also has a checklist and a good example of what the cover letter should predominantly look like. Following these tips and ensuring that I highlight my skillsets, I drafted the cover letter for this job posting.

Let’s wrap up…

See how I address the different points highlighted in the previous post? These all make up the first step. After sending the application, the rest of the process until you receive the offer varies from organisation to organisation. Therefore, the next steps were peculiar to this company.

I had two interviews before I was told I was successful. One of the interviews focused more on my technical skills while the other was focused on behavioural skills and questions that were geared more to finding out who I am as an individual.

More deets on my master thesis would be given towards the end of the project 😉 I hope you were able to see the link between the tips I shared and how they all came to play in finding my thesis within a company. One more thing that I would like to add is, be confident during your interviews. Always remember that your interview is the time you have to express yourself past the cover letter and ensure that you do this well :). As a final note, never leave things to the last minute, that internship, master thesis, part-time job…your search begins months before you need it. This is because organisations plan way ahead for these things as well.

Bye till the next post:)


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