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What is a normal day at KTH like?

Hi Hi, it has been quite very long since I have written a post. The days are getting busier and busier with really hectic times. Sorry for keeping you all waiting for my post.

So, after studying at KTH for more than a year and a half now, I exactly know what a typical day as a student at KTH looks like. I am sure all those waiting to come to KTH in the autumn will be eager to know this, because this was exactly what I was googling back in the days!

Classes at 8 am!

If you’re lucky, a usual day at school might start at 10.00 am, but yeah, I am not a fan of the 8 am classes, especially when they are at the M building, and I hate it, even more, when this combination occurs during the winter. M building is in the other end of the campus, on top of a little hill, and it is easily a 20 mins walk from the Tunnel bana ( metro). Here is map of the campus so you can familiarise yourself with the building names! Of course, we call the building with different letters, like “L” building, “U building, “E”, “M” and so on. I actually don’t know why they are named that way, I will figure it out for another post.

So, yeah, a typical day starts with 7 eleven coffee ( I recommend bringing your own in a thermos) at 8 or 10 am. It is easier to sleep through your alarm, being late is not very nice in Sweden, but I guess the 8 am classes are, hmm well, tricky. An early riser manages a lot of work during the day, so be there for the 8 am class!

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Running for the lectures

KTH is quite a big campus, and lectures don’t usually happen at your department building. They are scattered all around the campus, depending on the availability of the rooms I would guess. So one has to keep track of where the lectures are happening and must run to venue for every lecture. Well, keeping track is not so hard, it appears in your KTH calendar. Did you know that KTH follows academic quarter? Basically, all lectures start after 15 mins from the mentioned start time. It is a thing in Europian schools. So, if you’re calendar says that your class starts at 8, you can be there at 8.15. It is particularly there to provide the students some time to reach the lecture location from the previous lecture, if that happened to be at M then you might have to walk for 15-20 mins to reach “E” building.

Lecture structure

It is the norm at KTH that your lecture lasts for 2 hours. In some cases one might have 2 or 3 of those sessions back to back, but that’s a rare case. Well, don’t be alarmed by 2 hours. One must include the academic quarter and the 15 mins break in between. So, a lecture typically is only for 90 mins (45 + 45). Apart from lectures, there could be two-hour exercise tutorials with teaching assistants, lab sessions, assignment help sessions etc.

Brunch- Lunch!

I don’t even have a count of the number of days I have missed my breakfast and sailed right into the 12 PM lunch hour, welcome to student life and get yourself used to the brunch-lunch! Lunches are pretty fun during the summer, soaking in some sunlight during outdoor lunch with friends are one of those things you will remember for a very long time. If you’re a part of a student club, hyperloop or Formula student team, it is common to have lunch in the department lounge, Nymble, or the garage. It is actually not very expensive to eat out at the campus, good food at student discount is a sure thing to do, if you’re up for treating yourself after a successful assignment submission. Well, there are indeed those busier days, when your lunch goes into your tummy while you rush through the deadline due.

Hobby projects, assignments, cooking food – evenings be like!

Typically lectures don’t last after 5 pm. That’s when most people head home, or stay back to work on homework. Some of us head to the garage to work on our hobby projects. Also, you don’t have lectures throughout the day. depending on the number of courses you take, you might have 2 or 3 lectures in a day, and sometimes you have one or two lecture free days in a week. I use the lecture free days to do my student job at PMH and I keep the weekends for the assignments. But apart from the school stuff, every student has a very important duty to do in the evenings- cooking for the next day! Life becomes less expensive if you try not to eat out, Stockholm being the expensive city that it very much is, someone on student budget must strictly set aside an hour or two for preparing your food.

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So, that’s kinda how a typical weekday of a student looks like. Starts with coffee and ends with assignments and more coffee. Work-life balance happens mostly during the weekends, wanna know how the weekends look like? Stay tuned for the next post!

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