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Finding accommodation in Stockholm

Is it really that difficult to find accommodation? Should I really take KTH’s offer? How long would I need to be on the waiting list for sssb? What kind of accommodation did you stay in? Was it a hassle finding accommodation in the second year?

At the end of the call-up week, I would say, accommodation is on the top of the list of frequently asked questions. A very basic amenity for every individual; therefore, it makes absolute sense that one of the first things that people start thinking about when moving to a new environment is a place to live. Also, it is a known fact that it can be pretty difficult for one to secure a long -term housing contract in Stockholm on very short notice.

Without further ado…

…I would divide this into two sections. The first would be focused on international students. The second part, for European students…

International Students

As an international student, I would say, “you are extremely lucky!!” You might actually hear this a lot when you finally move to Stockholm. KTH helps international students to find accommodation for the first year. The only thing you need to do is, not miss the application period and also, pay the invoice once you receive it. So, my candid advice would be, ” take the opportunity KTH gives and apply for an accommodation with KTH”.

Application period: May1-May 31

At the moment, the application link is not available but right here, you would find the link once the application starts, and extra information for students who are eligible for this service. The application is NOT on a first come, first serve basis. I vividly recall that I did not even send my application early but I just ensured it was before the deadline. This is because you need to actually pay the tuition fees before you apply for accommodation


I lived on the main campus in my first year and paid a monthly rent of 5000SEK. It was a single corridor room, in which I shared the kitchen and laundry room with eight other students but we each had a room and the bathroom individually. I enjoyed my stay at DKV 71 and I definitely still miss that apartment especially my corridor mates and its proximity to buildings I had most of my classes at.

Looking through the list of available accommodation this year, I see some things have changed. For example, the DKV 71-73(the actual accommodation I lived in) and the Fleminsberg accommodation (which used to be the cheapest accommodation (2500SEK)) are not listed this year. Therefore, check the new list for accommodation here.

So, what happens after the first year…

For me, I moved into a SSSB accommodation. In fact, I think most of the students at KTH actually live in a SSSB accommodation. You can actually already sign up and start earning days(points) on the queue. You can earn up to 90 days before you actually are registered as a THS member. Yeah, the clause with SSSB is that you have to become a member of a student union of a Universtiy in Sweden. THS is the name of theKTH student union. You can only become a member once you actually start classes at KTH. Therefore, you can freeze your account once you get to the 90 days mark. In this way you actually have more days which you can use to obtain the accommodation of your choice when you finally need it.

NOTE: The SSSB is open to all students both International and European students.

European Students

I guess this is where it becomes a bit tricky. However, KTH has come to the rescue with this list right here of where you can actually start your search. My candid advice is to start now actually; the earlier, the better. Also, be very careful with people who want to sublet. Ensure you actually visit the place before you decide to pay to avoid being scammed. I would also say, Facebook is also a good place. THS has a group in which students sublet to each other. Below is an extract from my message to an incoming student and I believe it sums up the rest of the answers I can give to EU students in this section:

you can also check Blockett and then,  Facebook groups – you might be lucky there might be a group from people from your country and then maybe you can ask for help – someone may be subletting a room for a period of time. Other Facebook groups that you might check include: “Lappis Market”, “Längenheter i Stockholm”, “Hyra Lägenhet i Stockholm”. Although, I would advise being careful,  and not to pay before actually seeing the room. Never give money to someone who urgently asks for it. This year, there will be a waiting list for KTH accommodation for EU students, you can also sign up once it is open (although it is clearly stated that not everyone on the waiting list might be offered but too many options never hurt:)) One advice all European students say for accommodation is, “the sooner, the better :))


Oluchi Monwe

I hope with this post and all the links included, finding an accommodation will be easy breezy for everyone:)

The next post would answer another question that has been a hot topic..can you guess already??

Till my next post 😉


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  1. Thank you for the information and sharing your experience. I have a question, what about the medical facilities near the campus and near the accommodations?

    1. Hi, there are medical facilities in every commune (vardcentral). Also, in Stockholm, if you need to go to the hospital on an emergency or confused on which medical facility to go to, there is a number to call which would easily tell you where you need to go, based on your location. I hope this answers your question 🙂

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