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Newly Admitted to KTH? Yasssssss!

Congratulations!!!!! The day we have all been waiting for is finally here!!! I can tell you that I know how you feel – on one hand, very excited to be accepted by such a prestigious university; on the other, the anxiety of the unknown future stares right back at you causing your heart to beat faster than you would expect. For some, sheer apathy, as all you can think about is, “what happens next”…relax, Fernando and I are here for you 😉

I am sure that all you feel right now is excitement and the other emotions I have described might crawl in as the days go by when the reality of the huge decision you’re about to make settles in.

Am I here to scare you on such a wonderful day? Absolutely not!! I am here to let you know that the people behind this blog, have gone through the emotional outburst that you feel:) Decided to step into the unknown and and have no regrets whatsoever!

Looking back, I would say the most stressful part was waiting for the results. From this moment on, as a non-European student, KTH was sooo helpful with the transition process even after I finally moved to Sweden. In my next post, I would let you know what was my exact next step immediately after finding out that I got accepted. Remember, Fernando and I are here to help with whatever questions you might have:)

See you soon!


8 thoughts on “Newly Admitted to KTH? Yasssssss!”

  1. I have had similar emotions for the last few days 🙂 And FINALLY, I got the admit for Masters in KTH and I am really excited to look forward.

  2. Hello. I have been placed on waiting list (55) for MSc Civil Engineering program at KTH. By what earlist are we informed generally about the final results if or if not we stand a chance? Does the waiting list number hold anything in general since no such number was displayed in the university notification mail. Would you personally suggest to wait for until the second notification from the University and approximately when are we informed?

    1. hello NY, this is a bit tricky. In the sense that if the people who have been admitted decline, then you have a chance. If you are an international student, I guess what will determine how long you consider waiting is how long it takes to process the residence permit for Sweden from your residence country. If you still have enough time from the second notification date; I’ll suggest, wait then :). However, keep checking your portal on university admissions regularly.

  3. Thank you for your post. I’ve gotten a lot of helpful information from you. Please can I have your email address , so I can reach you?

  4. What is the last date to accept the offer for MS at KTH? I have been placed on reserved list and I am still waiting for the email from KTH since number of students who declined the offer have increased and my waiting number being at 3 is still at number 3. No updates from KTH. For KTH I didn’t even accept the offer of my 2nd priority. I am confused as KTH is not updating and deadline to accept the other offer is approaching on 30th April, 2019.

    1. Hi Tania, there is no deadline to decline an offer. However, students are advised to decline as soon as possible as it gives chances for other students who are on the waiting list. As most students would usually finalise that decision last minute, it explains why you are still on the waiting list. I would also suggest you contact the programme director as he or she might be able to give you some answers.

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