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KTH Faces | Jubica

“Hi there! I am Jubica. I am a first year Masters student in Engineering Materials Science, with an intention of carrying Indian learning practices to European knowledge fields. I am from Rourkela, the steel city of Odisha, India.

Since the day I arrived Stockholm, I have gained a plethora of experiences. With daylight of 18 hours to 5 hours in the span from August to April, the variation of shades during sunrise and sunset, the different colours of night sky, amazing patterns of the clouds in the sky, the appearance of the trees and the reaction of the entire flora and fauna towards the climatic changes during the four seasons, have etched a definite place in my memory. The excitement of Swedish Christmas and New Year’s celebrations, the beauty of northern lights, the calmness of the countryside and the cherry blossoms in Easter are truly exceptional experiences.

KTH to me has been a dream come true. Each day at school is a new challenge that ends with a sense of accomplishment. The learnings gained from the lectures, assignments and group exercises are intensive. Apart from the academics, there has been a personal and professional growth. The innumerable lunch lectures and career fests have helped me to make really good contacts with companies. The exposure to different companies has become a key to several opportunities. I consider myself lucky to be accepted as a student in Engineering Material Science in a University that now ranks 26 according to QS rankings in the particular subject.

In this 9 months of stay in Stockholm so far, when I walk through the memory lane I get this sudden feeling of happiness – a sense of belonging and at the same time gratitude that I’m so privileged that I can live my life in this beautiful city.”

Jubica hails from Odisha, India and studies the Master’s programme in Engineering Material Science at KTH.

Picture Credits: Nayanika Bhalla