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Swedish Summer starts in May?

Q: What happens when the sun is shinning down on Sweden?

A: Everyone comes out to play

KTH Courtyard at lunch time…

Dear Summer,

Is this you? Are you here to stay or should we expect a last-minute reminder that it should be spring and a bit cold? Oh well, everyone is happy! You can feel it in the air. For me, I love the fact that we can sit out for lunch and  feel your warmth on our skins 🙂

From a person who loves the sun,

This week has been beautiful! The whether has ben perfect and at times like this, everyone loooovesss to sit outside at any opportunity they get to enjoy the sun’s warmth. Last year in May, it was soooooooo warm. This year felt a bit different but this week has been beautiful so far. AT KTH, The E building is like my second home. I love to sit down facing the courtyard when I take breaks.

Due to the fact that I work in a company for the thesis, I am never at KTH campus and I must say, I miss being here! I had the opportunity to be here this week and I am enjoying every minute! Have I ever mentioned that companies usually come to share their products in front of KTH. If I have not, I just told you? I got to try this very very nice yoghurt recently. 😁😁

You can tell I have missed the main campus! haha!

Till next time,