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” Let’s Fika next week! Good plan?”

“I’ll take a Fika break now”

“I had Fika earlier, I am not hungry at the moment”

As you plan to move to Sweden in the next couple of months, be ready to hear this word and also, use it multiple times as represented above. Fika has to be the first Swedish tradition I learnt and also, the one that is practiced everywhere. When I say, everywhere…

What is Fika?

Fika in its most basic form actually means coffee break. However, in Sweden, Fika is much more than just a coffee break; it is the time you set aside to meet up with colleagues, friends or family at work, in a cafe or at home. It usually involves coffee and some pastries.

In fact, you can set up a meeting with your future employer for fika. In that way, it is an infomal style to get to know more about this company and they also, get to know more about you in a very relaxed environment. Meetings like this would usually take place at the fika room of the company.

Swedes consider having fika as part of their culture. At work, we currently have what we call, “Monday Fika”. In this case, we have sandwiches, some fruits, coffee, tea, etc. and we basically engage in small talk and end the fika session with a presentation from a certain group, explaining their current projects. Apart from these scheduled Monday fikas, most people usually take fika breaks at either 10:00 or 15:00 each day.

Fika with Elaine…

One of the things I am happy about my time here at KTH is quality relationships. Getting to experience the world through the eyes of other people and becoming a part of their individual stories is something I would always relish.

So, when Elaine hit me up with fika suggestions, you can guess my reply without reading further 😉

In every corner of Stockholm. you would find cafes of different styles and different atmospheres. So, we went to this Japanese Cafe and I had the best matcha cake ever!! If you doubt me, visit Cafe Koya and I’ll bet that you’ll be bitten by the matcha bug (haha!)

Oh! Yes, we had matcha drinks also. It was a hot day, we did not want tea or coffee

This should be the end of the post but I feel it’s just right I mention how much I love summer in Stockholm! Considering I was told that it is cold round the year in Sweden, Sweden has proven that theory wrong in the past two years, as it gets considerably warm in the summer. The good thing is, you get to enjoy the sun, hours after the usual working time frame.

Guess who decided to take some time out in Vasa park and soak up the sun?

Short story: Half the time, this is how you’ll find us – always laughing
That’s Elaine 🙂
In my natural habitat (lol)

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