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KTH Arrival Days – August 2019

It’s that time of the year again!!! WOW! Time really flies!! Two years ago, my journey at KTH just began. On Thursday, KTH welcomed the new set of students to begin their studies at KTH. If you know me, you would know that any opportunity to give back is something I always jump at. So guess who is part of the arrival service team for Fall 2019!!!

Yes! Yours truly 🙂

One thing I love about KTH is the dedicated interest for students to smoothly transition into Sweden and actually see Stockholm as their new home.

We had the first arrival day on August 1st and it was fulfilling to help out one more time. If you’ll be coming on August 17th &18th, I am looking forward to meeting you! I will be at either Terminal 2 or 5 from 14:00 till the end of the day.

What does the arrival day look like?

At Arlanda Airport

It all starts at Arlanda airport. There will be students wearing the blue KTH shirt at both Terminals 2 and 5. You would actually meet one student waiting at Terminal 2. At terminal 5, there is a KTH booth as seen below (just look at the right-hand side once you come out to the entrance of terminal 5, you won’t miss us :))

The student guides are here to welcome you and answer any of the questions you might have from 9:00 – 21:00 on both days.

Arrival day team at Terminal 5

Bus service to kTH

There is a bus available every hour from 9:00 to 21:00 to take you directly to KTH Entre from Terminal 5. This service is free and the bus takes approximately 40 minutes to arrive at KTH main campus.

Students getting their luggage into the buses at the airport

At KTH Main Campus

Once you get to Entre, there are people to help you through the entire process:

  • First, there is a free luggage storage service. This service closes at 22:00 and you can store your luggage until this time. This gives you enough freedom to do all that you need to do and also, participate in the barbecue organised by THS. For those that live far away from KTH and would actually want to wait for the barbecue, this makes it absolutely possible without thinking of going home to drop all your bags.
  • Second, if you have your accommodation from KTH, you can sign your contract and take your keys at Entre.

For those that live outside the main campus, your bedding kit is in your student room. If you live on the main campus, then you probably have to pick up your bedding kit at KTH Entre. This is not something to stress about because you’ll be notified what category you fall into once you meet up with KTH Accommodation.

  • Third, THS Union representatives will also be available at KTH Entre. With them, you can make payments for the activities you signed up for. Also, you can learn about the buddy system and other social activities (some are free), available for new students. Do not forget to collect the student band that gives you access to most of these events.
  • Fourth, KTH IT Support will be present. This is for you to set up your KTH account and also, connect to the campus Wi-Fi.

Additional tips

The number one question I received on the first Arrival day in August had to do with the transportation system. For those arriving either on 17th & 18th, you have one week before you can enjoy the student discounted price. You can choose to either pay for a week or pay per trip. If you pay per trip, you have 75 minutes of access to all SL transportation before you’ll be required to make another payment.

The SL card costs 20SEK. The prices below are the prices available with the SL card (the single tickets are more expensive if you buy a ticket without the card)

  Adult Price (SEK) Student Price (SEK)
Single tickets 32 22
24-hour ticket 130 90
7 days 335 225
30 days 890 590

You can easily purchase the SL card at the metro stations or 7-eleven or Pressbyrån. An important thing to note is that you cannot purchase tickets onboard buses or commuter ferries or on most trams and light railway trains. To be able to pay the student price as soon as possible, ensure you register with THS once you actually start classes.

I think I have covered all the services available to you on KTH Arrival day. For me, coming on an arrival day to KTH Entre is always a good choice. In this, you get to know what activities are planned for new students and also interact with other students as you get acquainted with your new environment 🙂

I look forward to meeting you on either the 17th or 18th!!!

See you soon!


8 thoughts on “KTH Arrival Days – August 2019”

  1. Great article! I am arriving on the 18th and this helps me a lot. I have one question though. Do you know what is included in the bedding kit?

    1. Hi Miranda, Glad that you found this post helpful:) The bedding kit includes a duvet and a pillow.

  2. Hi Oluchi, please I am looking for the possibility to apply for a PhD at KTH but on their webpage, I cant rely find the application portal.

    Can you please assist?
    Thank you

  3. Hello, I am arriving on Sunday Aug 25th around in the evening. When and where will I be able to collect my apartment keys and bedding kit? I am trying to get an earlier flight and if I can manage, I will be there around 5pm.

    Truly appreciate your help with this.

    1. Hi Rubina, KTH Arrival services were held on 1, 17th and 18th. If you arrive on the 25th, you’ll meet other Swedish universities at Arlanda and none of their buses will be going to KTH. Also, no one will be at KTH on Sunday as it is not the official arrival day to attend to you. You’ll be able to collect your keys on Monday tho 🙂

  4. Hi everyone. I am Gabriella and I have been awarded a 6 month erasmus scholarship for the second semester. I would ask you some advice. I was told to contact by myself professors if I want to be supervised for a master thesis progect. But she didn’t answer me. Now what I have to do? Contact another professor? Ask again?

    1. Hi Gabriella,

      These times are usually very busy for the professor as the new academic session just began. My suggestion would be to contact the professor again and also, contact other professors as well:)

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