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5 steps to choosing the right programme

Since applications have opened, you may have started to look at the different programmes, trying to figure out which fits you best. As you know, I have been through this process and I agree, it can be pretty confusing. Here are my tips to help you out!

1. Read about as much programmes as you can

Look at the different schools and read the descriptions of different programmes that may interest you. You like the name of the programme? Look it up? A friend recommended this other one? Take a look! This way you won’t make sure you won’t find about your dream programme after applications. I always say you cannot make a too-well informed decisions.

2. Look for pre-requisites

Even if you like a programme description very much, you may not be able to apply because of pre-requisites. Make sure to read them and look for equivalency between your university credits and the ones demanded. This may eliminate some choices for you, or get you motivated to take extra classes before applying!

3. Read about the offered courses

Looking at the courses will give you a good idea of what’s this programme really about in the day-to-day. Maybe the courses offered won’t really correspond to what you thought the programme was about, or on the contrary, will get you really eager to start your master’s degree, so I think it’s a good indicator.

4. Ask a student for any question concerning a programme

On the programme page, when you click “Students” in the left-hand menu, you’ll have access to interviews with current or past students. You can even e-mail this year’s student ambassador for any question you have concerning the course load, the classes, the exams, etc.

5. Take a leap!

In the end, you have to trust your guts and apply for the programme you think will teach you most and get you where you want to be. You can apply to a maximum of four programmes, so take a chance, even if you think you may not get in a programme you really want: you are not losing anything by trying! The order of priority is important: I would make the programme you want to get enrolled in the most #1, not the one you are more sure to get in.

Good luck and don’t hesitate to comment if you have any questions 🙂

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