Night Hike and Sauna with KTHOC

Yesterday I had my last exam of 2019 (!) and to let off steam (pun intended), I went on an activity with the KTH Outdoor Club. The plan was to hike in the forest with torches to reach the sauna, and then relax there, alternating between the hot sauna and the cold lake.

The hike was absolutely beautiful, it had snowed the night before and the sky was clear, so the full moon reflected on the ground and the snow-covered trees, making it look like something out of a fairytale. It was also very nice to use actual flame torches which also helped to warm up our cold face.

The dock where to jump in the cold lake! PC: Helena Mainka

After about an hour of walking, we arrived at the sauna, where we separated between men and women, and went into the sauna. It felt so good to warm up (read sweat our faces off) after walking in the cold night! After being hot enough, we headed outside to have dip in the cold lake. I’ve had my share of cold swims, coming from Canada, so I wasn’t too much out of my comfort zone, but everyone in our group did it (and enjoyed it!), so it was super fun. We did that a few times; the alternation between hot and cold was so satisfying, making both our brains and body feel so relaxed.

We then headed back home, ready to have the best sleep in a few weeks and promising to go back next week and more in 2020.

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