New year New International Reception

Tomorrow is the start of the International Reception for the spring term! Many students from around the world will start arriving and participating in activities organized by THS and many student clubs.

PC: @kthuniversity on Instagram

The International Reception is a three-week long introduction to Stockholm and KTH for International Students. During these weeks, you can have exclusive access to many cool things to do in the city, like a tour of the famous tunnelbana stations, museum visits, day hikes, board games night and many parties! It is the perfect occasion to discover your new home as well as meet many people from all around the world! Along the organized activities for which students have to sign up for, activities are organized by Buddies, older-years students who are assigned a group or newcomers and can help them to get around as well as hang out!

This year’s Buddy team! PC: @ths_international_reception on Instagram

I remember I had a really fun time during my arrival weeks, it’s a perfect time to enjoy and do LOTS of things before classes become more demanding. If you want to know all about what’s happening you can follow the International Reception account on Instagram. Welcome to all the new students 🙂

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