Osqvik: Starting the new term off right

In order to celebrate the end of the first term as well the start of the second one, a couple friends and I decided to organize a party in a cabin in the woods. The concept is simple: gather a bunch of people, head to the cabin and party all night. The is a catch, it is pretty far from the city center and buses stop pretty early in the night and the number of beds are limited, so sleep is forbidden. But worry not, there is plenty to do and it ends up being a night to remember.

PC: Haohao He

THS, KTH’s student union owns a cabin by a lake called Osqvik. It has a big common room, enough beds to fit about 20 people, a sauna, and a fire pit. Any student member of THS can book it, as long as it is available, and invite many people to party all night in this dreamy set up! We invited a total of about 45 people, all classmates, friends of friends, etc. and headed to the woods with our spirits up and bags filled with food and drinks.

PC: Haohao He

The night was pretty warm for January and the skies were clear so we could see the stars, a rare sight in cloudy Stockholm! We spent the night playing card games, beer pong, dancing, going in the Sauna and jump in the lake, eating marshmallow by the fire, until 6:00 am rang and the first morning bus picked most of us up. It demanded some energy drinks and good music to stay up all night, but it was well worth it!

PC: Haohao He

The next day, the last people remaining had the chance to enjoy a beautiful sunrise by the lake before cleaning the house and heading home for a well-deserved nap.

It was a great event that anyone can plan with garanteed fun and good memories! THS also organizes an Osqvik as part of the international reception, so I definitely recommend going!

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