Squash is my new favorite thing

I love a good bowl of butternut squash soup but my newly found passion is not related to any kind of species in the cucurbit family. Rather I’m talking about the tennis-like sport where you run after a ball in a small room called squash. I had never played before coming here and now it’s part of my weekly routine.

A local gym allows KTH students to play without any kind of membership. All you need to do is book the court online before and rent/buy a racket and you are good to go! It’s a great way to release stress between classes while improving your cardio.

THS Sports also organizes a yearly tournament in November so it’s a great way to measure up against other players! Along with squash, THS Sports hosts different tournament throughout the year like volleyball, basketball, badminton, football, etc. There is also free volleyball on Monday at the campus gym, a pool with very cheap prices for students five minutes away from campus and many badminton courts close to campus.

The opportunities are (almost) endless to be active during the semester and it’s relatively easy to find friends to train with, making both your physical and mental health happy throughout the year!

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