The best places to study at KTH

Final exams are underway and along with them are long days and nights of studying. Spending 10 hours a day sitting in a chair and learning a whole term’s worth of material isn’t the most fun thing to do, but there are ways to make it more bearable. Getting a nice reward vaniljbulle when I complete my daily study goal is pretty nice, but a cheaper and (almost) as good alternative is changing environment once in a while. So here is my list of favorite places to study on (and off!) campus!

1. KTH Bibliotek

I think I’ll never get over how nice and cozy this library is. It has different study spaces whether you like being absolutely silent or not, good natural lighting plus it has a tree in the middle of it. What do you want more?

PC: Danika Giron

2. U-building

U-building is pretty popular, so you have to be either lucky or early to snatch a seat, but it’s a really nice place to study. It has well-lit open spaces, closed study rooms, and a nice modern design. +5 points because it’s so close to Coffice, my favorite coffee shop on campus!

PC: Alex Alvisi

3. Nils Baltzar computer room

Just across U-building is my favorite computer lab, for when I need certain softwares to complete assignments. It’s a nice cozy space, usually empty on weekends, with some couches to get comfortable AND productive at the same time.

4. Mahalo Coffee Shop

Super close to campus, this vegan café is cozy and has super good music to help you concentrate. The decor is super cute and they also sell delicious smoothies to help you with your study munchies!

PC: @the_feedery on Instragram

There are many other places you can go study at KTH. You can find a table and chair in virtually every corner, but it’s up to you to discover the places you like most!

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