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5 things I learned from doing online school

It’s super easy to attend lectures #teampyjama

8 am class? You don’t even have to get out of bed! Just turn on your computer and wake up slowly. No one sees you, and everyone has their microphones off so you could be playing ping-pong of whatsoever and no one would have a clue!

It’s also super easy to skip classes

If you don’t feel like attending a lecture, you can really just not do it and no one will know. And because you don’t have to show up to a classroom, it’s much easier to forget about a lecture or seminar (doesn’t mean that you should though 😉)

It’s a tough test for your self-discipline

I’m not gonna lie, usually what keeps me on track at school is actually attending class and asking questions, and these days it’s really hard to give school the same commitment. Not having the social pressure to attend class and being up to date with the material is a really good exercise of self-discipline and organization.

Friends keep you going

I have a lot of projects this period so it’s easier to keep up with the class if you have internal project deadlines, and if you can ask your teammates (who are my friends in my case) about this or that aspect of the course. It’s nice to encourage each other and share our ideas. As my mom would say, it’s only physical distancing, the social part can still very much happen!

Profs want to help you!

Profs are in the same situation as us, but they want to help out. In my classes profs offer a weekly Q&A session for us to attend and resolve the past weeks issues concerning projects, assignments and theory, so it’s really helpful to stay up to date. I also find it easier to ask questions through a screen, so I end up speaking up my mind much more!

Even though some things about online classes are good, I’m still looking forward to next fall when I will actually be able to sit down in a classroom (who knew I would say that one day!).