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SI Scholarships are out!

Today is the day you will learn if you were awarded the SI Scholarship! I have spoken to a few of you during the call-up week, and one thing was common for all of you: your decision to come to KTH relies to some degree on this scholarship. It is a prestigious grant and thus it is awarded to only a handful of applicants. Whatever the outcome, you can make the best of the situation!

You got a scholarship! Yay!

Congratulations! You now have the freedom to choose if you want to attend KTH or not, regardless of money (or at least to a certain extent). This is great! You should celebrate (at home of of course ;)), and soon start planning your next move. Vivek explained in detail what steps you need to do until next august here. If you are still unsure, you can do like me and do a leap of faith, move half-way around the world, and see just how far it could lead you!

You didn’t get a scholarship… 🙁

I know you must be disappointed. It’s very normal, education is not cheap here for international students and it might prevent some of you to attend. But hope is not all lost! You can check if there is a funding program in your home country for students going abroad, or maybe a special partnership with Sweden.

You can also apply next year, just like Vivek did, and look at him go! You might think you are losing a year, but you can take this time to get some experience in your field, and save your money to be able to attend KTH next year! This allows you two things: 1. Gain significant experience, maturity and strengthen your management/technical knowledge (which can definitely reflect on scholarship application). 2. Know exactly what to expect next year and be better prepared! To freely quote one of my favorite movie, Inside Out, the best moments might just come from the bad ones.

In both cases, you can be proud to have been admitted to one of the best schools in Sweden and Europe, and reflect on what you really need and want! You’ll make the best decision for yourself, I have no doubts.