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3 steps to make your accommodation mysigt

One of the things I learned by moving in a student accommodation is that the way you decorate your room and apartment really impacts your mood when you spend time there. Mysa is a Swedish concept roughly meaning making something cozy, comfortable, and that’s exactly what you want to do with your student accommodation.

Indeed, when you move in your new place in August, you may soon get bored of the white walls and two lamps you have. But worry not! With a few simply additions you can make your standard copy/paste student room a nice place reflecting your personality where you’ll enjoy spending time.

1. Buy plants


One way to instantaneously give life to a space is to add some greenery to it. All accommodations have big windows, so you’ll be able to give your plants the sun they need. Begin with only one or two plants that are easy to take care of; you can go to a florist and ask them about it. Supermarkets also sell some plants at pretty low price (my local Hemköp currently sells plants for 50kr and I’ve been fighting the urge to get a new one every time I go 😅).

You can also buy herbs at the store and use those as plants. Be careful, they require lots of water and can die-off pretty easily.

2. Put something on your walls


When I left Canada, I packed photos, some art that I had and posters to hang up in my new home. It shouldn’t be the first item on your list when you pack, but you’ll be happy you have it when you arrive. It’s a little something to bring from home and it will enhance your decor.

If you want to do the same, find things that are small or easily packable so it doesn’t take too much space in your luggage. You can also look for cheap wall art like band posters or paintings at second hand shops when you arrive, or get creative and make your own wall art (a quick search online should give you inspiration)!

3. Lighting is key


Another way to make your room look very mysigt is to have different lighting options. You can buy those cute hanging lights, or get some candles. Many of my friends started putting candles in old wine bottles and putting them by the window, giving a nice warm atmosphere to the room.

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