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All the places my bike takes me

Solna has great cycle paths, perfect to watch the beautiful Stockholm sunsets

I have been commuting by bicycle for 5 years. After competing in road cycling competitions for 10 years before that, I found a way to still ride as much as I could while living in a big city, and this included riding my revamped fixie to school everyday.

Coming to Stockholm and reading about its cycling culture, I knew I was going to be in my element. I bought an old bike on Facebook Marketplace and have been using it to go everywhere. Not only is it a way for me to travel around the city faster (usually) than public transport, I also save money by not needing a monthly SL card. Since I’ve moved away from campus, it’s also an easy way to get some physical activity done since I have to ride quite a bit to get to the city.

I followed the water to a nice beach close to Bergshamra

These days, my bike allows me to get out of my home, get some fresh air and see the beautiful scenery that Stockholm has to offer. I think it’s nicer than going on the same walk every day, and it gives me a sense of freedom in a time when I spend a daily average of 12 hours on the same chair in front of my computer.

I rode from Danderyd to Liljeholmen at sunset

Riding in the city is safe since most cycle paths are separated from the road, and as soon as you are getting a little bit outside the city center, it’s easy to access different neighborhoods. Since Stockholm is in an Archipelago, I find myself ending up by the water almost all the time, which definitely adds to the experience!

If you are thinking of getting a bike once you get here, I very much encourage you doing so; you’ll quickly fall in love with riding around the city.