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Living in a garden -Kungshamra

If you want the experience the same social vibe of Lappis but still stay in a less noisy locality with gardens and lakes around, then Kungshamra is the place for you.

The model of Kungshamra is quite similar to that of Lappis, with a communal kitchen and private rooms and bathrooms. However, it is much toned down in terms of the social atmosphere. Kungshamra is certainly more peaceful than lappis, less noisy and comfortable.

Kungshamra has a new, active student community who organise gardening activities, pub activities and get-togethers. This makes the atmosphere is more friendly. The mall of Scandinavia which is the biggest mall in Sweden in like 10 mins from Kungshamra.

Kungshamra has a gym open 24/7. It also has a beautiful garden which suits people who like cycling, running. It also facilities for playing soccer, rugby, basketball.

Grocery shopping is hassle-free since it has Coop and Ica which are at a walkable distance. The nearest tunnelbana (metro station) is a 10min walk through beautiful gardens which connects directly to KTH main campus. One can also take a bus to the metro station.

The rooms are cosy and comfortable with single rooms and private bathrooms. The kitchen would be shared with others in the corridor. The rent is around 4200 sek monthly. The price is almost comparable to Lappis.

The cosy rooms in Kungshamra
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I would like to give a shout out to Harsha Vardhan who narrated his experience and gave me inputs and pictures for this blog.

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