Sweden=Second hand paradise

As if there wasn’t enough things I liked about Stockholm and Sweden, here’s another one: second hand shopping here is up to another level. Back home I used to second hand shop but there wasn’t so many nice stores to go to. Here you just have too many choices.

On my very first day in Stockholm, I checked the second hand store to furnish my apartment, before looking into buying new. I was pleasantly surprised to find so many stores of all different kinds, all around the city! There are even online shops for second hand items, and it’s not those old shirts that smell like they’ve been in a closet for the last ten years.

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Södermalm is the hip/young neighborhood, and it also has the most second hand stores, may it be for clothes, furniture, jewelry, books, vintage items, name it! Some of it may be on the more expensive side, but the thrill of second hand shopping is that you might find a treasure for super cheap.

The biggest chains of second hand shops are Myrorna and Stockholms Stadsmission. They have mostly clothes and small kitchen items like plates, pots and pans, but if you go to their bigger stores you can find some bigger furniture. You have to be patient when you go there because they have LOTS of things, so you might need an hour or two to find what you are looking for.

PC: stadsmissionen.se

Some of the online stores include A/Found, which I really like because it’s not only second hand, it also sells surplus from stores for a fraction of the price.

Also keep your eyes open for Loppis, those classic Swedish yard sales. Keep your eyes open for them, they can be advertised on posters on streets or you might just run into them!

I really suggest looking into second hand options before buying new: you’ll save costs and also avoid having a big environmental footprint 🙂

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