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A day in Ystad

Ystad is summer destination located in the very south of Sweden with a big harbour, beaches and rolling hills overlooking the ocean. On one of our off days at the farm, we decided to take the train to explore this cute little touristy town.

Flowery terrasses hidden between the historic buildings really make Ystad unique.

Ystad is a great destination for a one-day stop if you are road-tripping around Skåne, but it is also easily accessible by bus or train. The city center is for pedestrians and cycles only, and the cobble-stone streets and old-buildings offer a great setting for a number of cafés, restaurants and second-hand shops. I suggest getting an ice-cream at one of the many stores, and enjoying it on the main square by the Sankt Maria Kyrka.

Ales Stenar, overlooking the sea with an unexpected performance by local parasailers.

After exploring the city, it’s time to take a bus to one of the most popular sights in Scania: Ales Stenar, also called “the Stonehenge of Sweden”. It is a formation of rocks in the shape of boat located 15km from Ystad. A bus takes us there and the sight is quite impressive. The actual date of constuction is still a mystery, but some believe it was built some 2500 years ago! The cliff where it is located is also gorgeous and the sight on the ocean stretching until the horizon is breath-taking.

Relaxing on the sandy beach to end this great day

Next: a quick swim in the sea at Ystad Beach, located by the luxurious hotel Saltsjöbad. The sand is white, the sun is shining; it is a perfect way to end this touristic day. Ystad might be small but it has a lot to offer for a satisfying one-day trip.