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Hiking the famous Kungsleden-Part 2

After I explained all about how we prepared for our 10 day hike, here comes the good part: showing you how it went and the stunning landscapes we saw along the way.


This is what most of our days looked like on this stretch. PC: Celia Cacho Salvador

The first stretch of the hike is in the Abisko National Park and entering the first valley. The start was nice, sunny and dry but as we went on the North-facing side of the mountains, we encountered much more snow than expected. Since it was so warm and sunny, the snow was melting very fast and we had to cross over streams of melting snow water and had to accept that our feet would not remain dry. It was very challenging but we learnt how to identify better crossings and keep our good spirit!

Views like this have no price! PC: Celia Cacho Salvador


Dreamy views made the mosquitoes bearable. PC: Jessica La Costa

After the snow came the mosquitoes. The next three days we crossed another valley and ended up in a forest, following a sapphire-blue river until the next “village”. It was absolutely stunning, seeming out of a fairytale, but nothing is that good: we had to fight a constant swarm of ruthless mosquitoes. We never walked so fast, and had much fewer breaks to avoid being covered in bites (which was only successful only to a certain point). We reached the half-way point of our hike tired but satisfied, sipping a well deserved cold beer.


Crossing a river by boat to get to our final stop allowed us to have a different perspective of the valley. PC: Nikita Patil

I will write in more detail about Kebnekaise in another post, so I will skip it for now go straight to the last days of our hike. We hike until another valley, still with snowy mountain tops, fast-pacing river and big patches of grass. The wind was blowing in our faces, keeping any bug away, and we saw at many occasions herds of reindeers running across the valley. It felt like we entered Narnia or something. We met the kindest hut wardens along the way and after a last patch of snow, we arrived in our final destination tired and hungry but fulfilled.

Arriving to the big lake in Vakkotavare. PC: Nikita Patil

None of us expected Lappland to be this beautiful, with landscapes varying from mountains to lakes to forests to plains. It was definitely a trip to remember and Lappland has not seen the last of me!

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