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How to get started on your application documents

Hi everyone!

Are you this type of person, that always does things last minute? Or someone, who really needs the pressure of a deadline to finally start working on stuff? If you’re nodding your head while reading this, you’re not alone! Many people act always last minute, are always waiting for the pressure, and are always thinking “Why haven’t I started this earlier?” But this is totally okay!

You’re a very organized person, always on top of everything? That’s awesome! You’re doing it exactly the way you should do it! No matter which working type you are, today’s post will help you to get the important documents together for your application at KTH!

When applying for a master’s program at KTH, you will need to proof, that you acquired a bachelor’s degree before. When I applied for the Media Management program two years ago, I was still studying my bachelor’s and didn’t have the possibility to hand in my final transcript of records. If you’re in a similar position, that’s no problem at all! You just need to get a proof from your current university that states when you will be finishing your studies and how many credits you already acquired. Then you will be granted a conditional acceptance, which means, once you’ve received your degree certificate, you are required to hand it in to receive a full acceptance.

The documents that take up the most time during your application will be your CV, your letter of motivation and the letter(s) of recommendation. The documents might differ a bit between the programs, so make sure to check what is required for the specific program you’re applying to!

For your CV, I recommend researching a bit about how a usual CV looks like in Sweden. This is important, as countries might prefer different versions of your CV. For example, in Germany, the CV is also about showing a bit of creativity (depending on your field of studies/ work) but at the same time does not request a lot of information about specific positions. However, in Sweden, I come mostly across CVs that are very clean and it’s not obligatory to have your profile picture in it. So make sure, you know a bit about the requirements of a Swedish CV!

Check list for your application at KTH sorted by what will take up most time (top to bottom)

Your letter of motivation is all about you and why you think you are the best fit for a spot in this program. Make it personal! Show you’re theoretical and practical experiences in your study field but also what you expect to learn here at KTH and how the study program will fit into your own education. My tip if you get stuck at some point or don’t know where to start? Ask your best friends or family about the things that characterize you, ask working colleagues, what attributes they value the most when working with you or ask your professors, why they think you’re a perfect fit!

And then there is the letter of recommendation. In my case, I had to submit one written by a professor and one from a supervisor in a workplace. Remember, that this takes up the most time! You need to start contacting the people early enough, give them time to think about what they’re writing and reserve time for possible corrections! Even if you’re the type “I need the pressure of a deadline”, remember that not everyone is working like this! So, if you for yourself decide to wait a bit more with starting on the application, make sure to already contact people for your letter of recommendation now.

In addition to the big three documents (CV, letter of motivation, letter of recommendation) you might also need to provide an English proficiency test as well as a valid identification document/ a passport. If you want to read up on the requirements, you can also check this website.

I wish you all good luck with your applications! And always remember: start as early as possible to get the most out of your application!

See you hopefully soon on campus!
// Maria

2 thoughts on “How to get started on your application documents”

  1. Hello,
    Please, who will the letter of motivation and letter of recommendation be addressed to?

    1. Hi Chioma,

      If you don’t know a specific person of your desired programme or similar, you can just write “To whom it may concern” or “Dear Sir or Madam”.

      You should also check out our webinar today as you will be able to ask all remaining questions you have for your application! Link to the webinar:

      // Maria

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