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Get involved in a student assocation

Hi everyone!

Covid-19 has turned all of our lives upside down multiple times now, hasn’t it? And probably, we have all heard enough about it by now. But today I want to give you an insight on how the life of the student associations on campus has changed since the start of the pandemic.

KTH and THS (the student’s union) both offer a lot of different groups and associations that you can join during your studies here in Stockholm. They are a great opportunity of getting to know new people, to learn more about new topics or just hang out with each other. They are of course voluntary, and every student can decide for themselves whether they want to join a group and how much time they want to dedicate to it.

Today, I want to give you some insights in the associations I am part of. For the second time this Fall, I had joined the THS International Reception, which welcomes all new and international students at KTH. These welcome activities are of course very much based on personal contact, as everyone wants to get to know each other, old and new students. So, when covid-19 reached Sweden during the Spring, we stood in front of a huge challenge: how to safely plan activities so that every new student will feel welcome when they arrive? Even though the actual welcome weeks were held in person, all the planning had to take place online which brought new challenges with questions from “which platforms to use to communicate?“ to “how to build a proper team when you’ve never met in person?”

Me, being very excited about cutting carrots for the dinner with the THS International Reception 😀

In May I also joined THS Armada, an association that organizes a large student-led career fair every year at KTH. This is as well based on exhibitors coming to the fair and presenting themselves to the students. Here as well, the group was confronted with the huge problem of how to organize everything in a safe way? Especially here, I am impressed to see how digital processes are able to replace physical activities in an extensive way and create completely new ways of getting in touch with your future employer.

I can only give you an insight to those two groups, but of course the campus offers a lot more associations to join! And they definitely didn’t disappear when covid-19 started. Rather, they all learned how to adapt in many different ways, which is impressive to observe. I definitely recommend checking them out when you have settled in your new home here in Stockholm!

Even though it can sometimes be hard and frustrating to adapt to the current situation, no matter if you belong to the organizational team of an association or are just a member of it, I also think it gives you a lot. By learning how to adapt and getting to know new possibilities of what is possible, I believe we all will learn a lot for the future.

Stay safe everyone!
// Maria