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KTH StoryTech: Fooin

Coufounder of Fooin – Bure Noreus & Niklas Johansson

“Our Vision is that no food is ever forgotten or wasted”

Can you tell me a bit about yourselves?

I am Niklas Johansson and I graduated from KTH in 2018 from the Industrial engineering and management program. I started working as an international sales manager and quit my job last September to start and launch Fooin.

And I am Bure Noreus and I graduated from Integrated production and computer science in the summer of 2016 and worked for three years before taking the plunge of starting Fooin.

What brought you to start Fooin?

Food wastage is a major issue that every one of us is aware of. We saw supermarkets to be a major contributor to food wastage. About 20 million kilos of meat is wasted every year in Swedish supermarkets and we wanted to solve this problem. We talked to grocery retailers, supermarket chains. Based on the 30 or more interviews, we had an idea that we are working on right now with the support of KTH Innovation.

What is the concept of Fooin?

We produce digital IDs for the meat products flowing into the store. The owners can keep track of the inventory and know the contents in the store and the expiry day of each product by a tap of the button. This makes it simpler and easier for the supermarkets to plan their inventory and reduce wastage. Our estimate is that we can save around 65,000 kr of food and 50 Tons of carbon every year from one store.

How is Fooin adopting digitalisation?

Fooin is a company with digitalization at the core of our business. We build all the digital technology we need ourselves. We have several applications with Java backend and run on Amazon web services which were provided to us by KTH Innovation.

As young people and a young company digitalization is something which is obvious to us since we have grown up with it. We are exposed to phones, applications and now we are thinking about applying our knowledge and solutions to bringing about a sustainable change in the world.

This is about Fooin, an upcoming promising startup that is adopting digitalization to create an impact on the world. Sound interesting? You can check them out here.

This week, do check out the webinar of ITM School where they talk about the research and education at the school.

Vivek Anandbabu
Hej, I am from India currently pursuing Integrated Product Design at KTH. Moving to Stockholm has given me an opportunity to explore the new city like a local yet maintain the awe of a traveler. The vibrant KTH campus and its activities are itself a treat to a creative and aspiring mind. Join me on this journey of stories as we meet amazing people, exploring the innovation and sustainability pursuits happening throughout the KTH campus and the historical treasures of the city and the ways of employing jugaad to survive on a budget in one of the most expensive cities.

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