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Let’s go green together!

Do you know how much energy was consumed when your smartphone was produced? Maybe some of you know what your smartphone consumes when being in operation, but barely anyone thinks about the energy consumption of the production process. And this is by far more crucial!
This was one of the questions I had to deal with in the course “Sustainability and Media Technology” last year. Quite a tough question, isn’t it?

Djurgården, Stockholm

Have you ever thought about what your own country is doing to become more sustainable? Swedes are said to be close to nature and this can also be seen in the numbers. Sweden currently ranks 8th in the race about the greenest country in the world according to the 2020 Environmental Performance Index. This is pretty good! And you can feel the responsibility the country takes on in terms of sustainability every day. For example:

  • Sweden intends to become the first fossil-fuel free nation until 2045
  • Vintage clothing is a huge trend in Sweden and has grown over the past years
  • SJ Trains run 100% with renewable energies from hydropower and wind power sources
  • The European Commission found that 40% of Swedes have purchased eco-labeled food and consumer products in one month which is higher than the European average
Stunning nature in Fulufjället Nationalpark

At KTH you can also experience the consciousness about sustainability. Sustainable development has been integrated into the educational programmes to develop the knowledge and skills needed. In addition, there are various research projects focusing on the subject. The MID for sustainability (MID4S) team for example is currently researching about a more sustainable food consumption behavior, developing tools to reduce travel-related CO2 emissions, and much more! There is also the student organization called “KTH Students for Sustainability” that wants to bring interested students together to help creating a sustainable development at KTH.

There are many courses that relate to the topic of climate, environment and sustainability. Check out the programme catalogue and see, what courses might be relevant for you!

Let’s go green together!

// Maria