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November vibes

Time is flying! It’s already mid-November! Often, I realize what time of the year it is, when it starts getting darker and colder outside. Especially in Sweden and Stockholm, you can clearly notice when the days get shorter and shorter. November can be a quite frustrating or even depressing time … less light outside, more rain and in addition the situation of the ongoing pandemic can let us all feel down sometimes.

But hey! Two important things: you’re not the only one feeling like this and those phases go over as well! Today, I want to share some tips with you on things I’m doing to feel a bit better during these times 😊

Go on a walk

I love to remind myself that even though the days get shorter, the weather will usually get better in December and January as all the rain will stop at some point. Then it’s good to spend some time outside! Getting outside and moving is always the best way to get some new energy and feel refreshed. Going on a walk on my own is always a great way for me to sort my thoughts. But being outside is also a quite covid-19-friendly way of meeting one or two good friends. My favorite walk in the city is the loop around Djurgården.

Walk in Djurgården

Read a good book

I love reading books. It’s great to jump into a completely different world and join the adventures of the characters. When was the last time you’ve read a book that wasn’t connected to one of your courses? Personally, I take not enough time to sit back and just read. Especially when being online 24/7, this is a great way to have some time on your own. And in addition: it’s cozy and you don’t need to leave home while the rain is pouring outside 😀

Another good thing about November? It’s the time when they put up all the Christmas lights!

Cook delicious food

Did you just say that cooking is not your thing? I believe cooking can be everyone’s thing! Personally, I’m also more the baking person, but cooking can be fun too! There are many apps and blogs online to find the right recipe. Or you just call home and ask your parents for the recipe of your favorite food! This brings a bit of home to you and who would not be happy eating delicious food?

Have a positive mindset

Even though it might sometimes be hard but having a positive mindset can change so much! Just remind yourself that summer will be coming soon!

I can’t wait for those amazing sunsets in December/ January!

Stay healthy!
// Maria