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Studying media at KTH

After being at KTH for over a year now, I realized that Media Management might not be the most typical study field at this university. Often, I hear people saying “Oh media? This is possible to study at KTH?” and my answer is always the same “Yes, it is possible!”. And let’s be honest: it’s a great choice!

Media Management is part of the EECS school – School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. Sounds like a lot of programming, data and technology? It isn’t necessarily like this. It depends a lot on what you yourself want to learn and which courses you choose. But let’s start from the beginning.

Chinese lunch time with friends from my programme in our first year at KTH

Year 1 consists of a lot of mandatory courses, which means, you have to take and complete them before you can get your degree. But you also get the chance to choose 1-2 courses in the first year by yourself, and for this the range of possibilities is big. It is basically possible to choose any course you find interesting as long as you fulfill the course requirements. But you’re not alone in your choice, as the programme Media Management also gives some recommendations for possible courses. In my first year, I additionally chose “Sustainability and Media Technology” and “Management of Technology Innovation and Creativity”. What I like about the program is that you work close with relevant technological topics but are still able to evaluate it from a management perspective

A highlight of the programme so far was the course “Managing Digital Transformation”. It is a mandatory course, which takes place over a whole semester. In the first month, you will learn about useful theory and frameworks and in the second half of the semester, it’s time for you to pair up with a company and find suitable solutions for them. My group has been working together with one of the leading media groups in Sweden and we developed a strategic approach on how to give millennials and the Gen Z the best news experience. This project gave me the chance to apply my gained knowledge in a “real life” scenario and take the role of a consultant for the company.

Presentations are also a large part of the programme Media Management – this one is from the course “Managing Digital Transformation”

The second year of the Media Management programme is all about your own interests. You get the chance to choose whichever courses you would like to take. All courses I have taken so far worked very close with the newest research findings and the latest topics. Overall, Media Management might not be the typical study programme at KTH, but this doesn’t really matter! You study in a very diverse field, you will get mixed with other study programmes depending on your course choices and you are able to shape your skills just like you wish!

Here is a list of the elective courses I chose:

  • Sustainability and Media Technology (DM2573)
  • Management of Technology Innovation and Creativity (ME2092)
  • Project Management: Leadership and Control (ME2016)
  • Green Economics (ME2722)
  • Internet Marketing (ME2094)

The EECS school with host an information webinar on Nov 19th, you can sign up here to join! If you want to learn more about Media Management, then check out the course website and don’t hesitate to ask questions in the comments!

Happy studying!

// Maria