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Reasons why you should apply to KTH

Christmas is over and you wonder what to do during the last remaining days of the year? How about finishing your application to KTH? In less than a month the application periods for the programmes starting in August 2021 as well as the KTH scholarship and the KTH India scholarship are closing. However, that’s still enough time to make the final decision and hand in your application for KTH. Here come some reasons why you should apply now!


KTH ranks 98th in the QS university ranking 2020-2021! The rankings measure the University’s excellence within research, education and collaboration. In the subject area Engineering and Technology, we’re placed 30th in the QS and 69th in the THE ranking. If you want to have more information, you can check out the different rankings over the past years here.


Some blog posts ago I already mentioned KTH’s efforts to make life on campus more sustainable and teach the students about sustainable processes in different industries. Before coming to KTH, I was of course aware of climate change and what I can do as an individual to help save the planet. But what can the economy do? This is what you can learn in several courses at KTH! Each programme focuses on some of the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals. You can check out what your programme offers in terms of sustainability on your programme’s website!

KTH campus Valhallavägen (Photo by: Annusyirvan Fatoni)


KTH has a huge international community with students coming from all over the world. As around 60 of the master’s programmes are offered in English, it’ll be easy for you to get acquainted and making friends!


Thinking about starting your own business sometime? With KTH Innovation you will have perfect support for this! They will help you developing your idea and establishing it on the market. Even if you don’t have your own idea you should check out what other research opportunities they offer or other teams that you can join.

KTH campus Valhallavägen (Photo by: Annusyirvan Fatoni)

Job opportunities

Having a degree from KTH you’ll be highly attractive on the job market! With your degree you will have the chance to quickly get a job either within Sweden or all over the world. You can also already start your contacts with interesting companies during your degree project. Currently, around 20 per cent of KTH students get their first employment through their degree projects.

So, wait no longer and send in your application today! During the past months, we have introduced the different schools at KTH, you can watch the recorded webinars on our YouTube channel. Do you have any questions regarding the application process? On 12 January we will have an application process webinar, you can sign up for it here. And if you have any specific questions, feel free to drop them in the comments below this post!

Good luck!
// Maria

2 thoughts on “Reasons why you should apply to KTH”

  1. Hey Maria!

    I have applied for a master’s programme at the KTH and am excited to get the results. I have a question though about the arrival date. The semester starts on August 24th and the “Roll-Call” is on August 10th. What is that?

    When do you recommend to come to Sweden?

    Kind regards,

    1. Hi Stephan!

      Great to hear that you have applied to KTH! The Roll-Call is dependent on your study programme, and it’s not yet set whether each Roll-Call will be on August 10th. It will soon be announced on each programme website, when your own Roll-Call will take place and we advise you to be here in Stockholm on that day. If you would like to know more about it, you can also contact your programme coordinator!

      In general, I recommend to arrive in Stockholm a bit prior to the start of the semester as it helps you to get accustomed on campus and in Stockholm. There will also be welcome activities for the new students in August which are always a good chance to get to know new people!

      Let me know if you have any further questions! Good luck with your application!

      // Maria

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