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The home of Emil of Lönneberga

When Christmas comes closer, so does the New Year. These times are usually there for relaxing, looking ahead, but also thinking about what you’ve experienced this year. And as the weather is cold and it’s dark outside, I like to remember what I’ve explored during my first summer in Sweden. I’m very thankful that back then it was possible to travel around the country a bit despite the Covid-situation. Thus, I got the chance to at least see some parts of the country I’m currently living in and experience some of its history and culture.

Do you have a childhood hero? A book or film character that you looked up to? Or that you just listened to over and over again? For me, this person is Emil of Lönneberga. But actually, for me, his name is Michel, as he is called in the German books (that was actually quite a shock for me, to learn that he is really called Emil :D). When I was little, I read all the books about him and watched all the films. In fact, the films play every year on Christmas in the German TV, and if I have the time, I still watch them today!

Have you ever thought about where they filmed your childhood hero movie? I actually haven’t given this a big thought until I came to Sweden and realized: I’m in Emil’s home country! So I started researching about where I have to go, to be able to see Katthult, his home. Who would’ve thought that Katthult is not in Lönneberga? I certainly didn’t know this. So there were actually two places that I could visit: Lönneberga, and the Katthult farm.

From left to right: The main house, Emil’s figures in the shed, and the Katthult farm

The Katthult farm is located in Småland, in the mid-southern part of Sweden. It costs 60 SEK to enter the farm where they left everything as it looks in the films! There is the house of Emil’s family, the stables, the shed where Emil had to sit when he did something bad and so on. If you have seen the films before, you feel as if you’re standing exactly in the film set. There is also a room where you can watch a short film about the filming and the premiere. Even though you can’t enter the main house, as people are still living there, you are able to go inside one of the other buildings to see the setting there. The farm is located in the middle of the forest and has very nice surroundings, just like you get the impression in the films. But also, to me, it felt a lot smaller than in the movie! Nevertheless, you can see everything there and there are even real animals living on the farm. After this, I also went to Lönneberga itself, a 30-minutes drive from Katthult, to see what is offered there. There was however only the town sign and a wooden statue of Emil. But still worth seeing! 😊

Wooden Emil statue in Lönneberga

I had a great trip that I still like to remember and tell people about! As Sweden is home to even more films and scene places, there is still a lot to discover. Next on my personal list is Villa Villekulla from Pippi Longstocking Sweden is home to even more films and scene places. Next on my personal list is Villa Villekulla from Pippi Longstocking on Gotland. I really hope that I’ll get the chance next summer to travel there. Have you thought about what places you like to visit in 2021 if it’s possible to travel again?

Have fun remembering your last trips!
// Maria