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Final Application Checklist when applying to KTH

The deadline is soon approaching on the horizon, and students would be preparing all the documents that are necessary for the application. You can read a more detailed blog post about the necessary documents that need to be submitted here. In this post, I will provide a checklist of processes and documents that need to be ticked before the deadline.

Different courses have different checklists, and you should preferably check the individual programme page. Here is a general checklist:

  • Payment: The application fee (if applicable) should be paid before 15 January 2021 for the application to be considered.
  • Priority list: Check the priority list of your application and verify the order. This is important since the scholarship application will be considered only if the programme is your top priority.
  • Messages on the admission portal: It is recommended to regularly check if you received any messages on the admission portal. I committed a blunder!!! of not checking the messages which cost me my application that year.
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  • Master’s programme track: Each master’s programme might have sub-tracks. For example, Integrated product design has a) Industrial design and b) Product development and innovation management as its two sub-tracks. These two are completed different in terms of learning objects and career. Verify before applying that you are applying for the right track. There have been cases of students applying for one track with documents intended for another track.
  • Mandatory Documents: This is the most important checklist. You can find a detailed blog post on the documents checklist here.

There is a webinar coming up next week on 12 January, where you will hear more information about the application process. During the webinar, you will be able to ask any of your questions to the Admissions Officers in the chat room.
You can register for the webinar here.

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