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Favourite places in Stockholm – part 1

In early December last year, Ivan, who is the curator on our KTH Instagram account, asked you what you would like to read on the blog. You could choose between places in Stockholm and Swedish food. Since the vote was in favour of places in Stockholm last Saturday, my fellow blogger Vivek, Ivan and I met up to take you with us to some of our favourite places in Stockholm!

Vivek, Ivan and me at Monteliusvägen

Järnpojke – Gamla Stan

The Järnpojke, or Iron Boy, is the smallest monument in Stockholm with only 15 cm height. It was built by the Swedish artist Liss Eriksson in 1954 and brought to its current place in 1967. Especially in winter people are knitting scarfs and caps for the little boy to not be cold. Throughout the year, many tourists are coming to leave gifts at the statue such as money and sweets or to rub the head of the boy as it’s said to bring luck.

Järnpojke – Stockholm’s smallest monument

I think it’s such a sweet sculpture and despite its small size, there are always people visiting the little boy. In addition, the statue is situated in the courtyard of the Finnish church which is a very calm place that lets you forget easily that you’re in the middle of Stockholm.

Mårten Trotzigs Gränd

Mårten Trotzigs Gränd is the narrowest street of Stockholm with a width of only 90 cm. The alley is named after a German merchant who immigrated to Stockholm in 1581.

Mårten Trotzigs Gränd – Stockholms narrowest street

The curiosity of this small street attracts many tourists (of course only during “normal” times) and sometimes, going through the street can become difficult as people are passing through from both sides. But still, if you’re up to seeing Stockholm’s narrowest street, this is your place to go!

In general, I can say that I always love to wander around the streets in Gamla Stan. There are so many pretty, coloured houses and there is always something new to be discovered :). So it’s definitely worth a shot to just stroll through the streets in this part of Stockholm.

On our way home, we passed by Kungsträgården

Of course, we have been visiting more places on our tour, starting off at Monteliusvägen where you have a great view over Stockholm, going down to Riddarholmen and then Gamla Stan, the old town. If you want to see more of our adventure, check out tomorrow’s blog post and our Instagram account!

Happy exploring!
// Maria

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