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The story of my KTH application

My application for KTH is now two years ago. But I can still remember it vividly. At that point of time, I was on my exchange semester in Birmingham. This meant, that I already had to think about my next stay abroad before I even finished the one in the UK. It also meant, that I had to collect all documents from this far distance and try to reach everyone in time for letters of recommendations etc.

Along the way of the application process, I stumbled over a document that should be filled out by your university in case you’re still studying your bachelor’s. It is a verification that you will finish your studies soon and will be eligible to start your master’s. However, at that point of time it was not 100 percent clear to me, whether I would need that document or not, as I also handed in a transcript of records that showed, that I’ll be on the finish line of my bachelor studies. So, I skipped filling out this verification form and sent in all my other documents before the application deadline.

As supporting documents are allowed to be handed in later (this year until 1 February 2021), I got a notification from University Admissions a day before the supporting documents deadline, that said I was missing the document about the verification that I’ll finish my bachelor studies in the upcoming semester. My heart was bumping so fast back then! Was this already the point where the whole journey was over? No admission to KTH because of a missing document? Even though I was so nervous about everything, I tried my best. I really wanted to finish my application so that it would be considered by the admission committee. I started contacting the administration office of my bachelor’s university and after some time, I was referred to the right person. She was very helpful and understanding and said that it wouldn’t be a problem to fill in, sign and stamp the missing form for me. Even though it was untypical that someone was calling in such a hurry, she assured me, that she would send me the document on the same day. Some time passed by, me nervously waiting for that email. And then it popped into my mail account! The document was there!

I quickly uploaded it to University Admission, and I was relieved that I handed in everything in time! Lucky me, that everything worked out and that I can enjoy KTH since August 2019. To join me and all other students in Stockholm soon, you should make sure that you don’t miss out on any important documents or notifications by University Admission. If you are unsure about anything, you can join tomorrow’s webinar and ask any question that you still might have. And remember that the application deadline is on 15 January 2021!

Good luck!
// Maria

2 thoughts on “The story of my KTH application”

  1. Hi Maria!

    I am also currently gathering the documents needed for the application and have a similar problem to yours:

    I am still in my last year of my bachelor’s studies and contacted my universitys admissions office to sign the prepared form from KTH to verify that I am in my last year of my bachelor’s degree. Since they did not want to sign the sheet with the argument that they cannot know how long I will need to finish my studies and will therefore not verify that it is my last year, I want to submit my Studienbestätigung (pardon my German but you will understand 😉 ). It does not show that I am in my last year, only that I am still in my bachelor’s programme. Was this the document that was not accepted at your application?

    Thanks in advance.

    1. Hi Stephan!

      Thanks for your question! Yes, this is quite similar to my case as well, I think I also submitted my transcript of records which showed how many credits I already gained during my bachelor’s degree.

      However, this was (in my year) not accepted by University Admission and therefore I got the last minute notification to submit the “verification” document. I suggest you to talk again to your university admission and try to explain your situation. Maybe you only have your thesis left and this has a specific period of time when it needs to be finished? That way you could show them, that you’ll finish soon.

      Good luck with everything!
      // Maria

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