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A normal day at KTH

It has been a long time since days at university were “normal”. Covid-19 had a huge impact on everyone’s lives and by now, we’re probably all quite used to meeting online, taking classes from home and writing online exams. However, I’m sure that I can say that we’re all looking forward that the campus is opening up again and will be full of people! But how does a “normal” day at KTH looks like? What can you expect as a new student that arrives soon and who knows, maybe the situation has positively changed by then?

(Photo by: Annusyirvan Fatoni)

I have experienced this “normal” life at campus for about six months, and I’m happy to share some memories with you today 😊 Classes usually start either at 8 or 10 o’clock in the morning, depending on your schedule. And here’s the first learning for everyone new to KTH: there is something called “the academic quarter” – at least I haven’t heard of it before – which means, that classes actually start 8:15, 10:15, etc. For all my classes on campus it worked like this, it’s like an unwritten rule 😄 But you should double check with your professors, if they’re using the academic quarter as well.

Lunch time is always from 12 – 1pm. I was used to having lunch later in the day from my bachelor’s university, but in Sweden lunch starts at 12pm. If you’re on campus, you won’t miss it because people are running all over campus to get to the next place where they can eat, heat up their food from home or find a café to buy a sandwich. Most of the times I used to bring my own food from home, for the simple reason that it’s the cheapest thing to do. There are many microwaves on campus, where you can heat up your food! Not in the mood for cooking? There are other possibilities where you can buy cold and hot food.

Working in the courtyard at the main campus (Photo by: Annusyirvan Fatoni)

Me and my friends mainly used the student’s building Nymble for our lunch breaks as here everyone had the chance to get what they wanted: food from the restaurant, a microwave or simply a coffee. When we started, summer was still going on, so we loved to hang out on the terrace of the building and spent a lot of time talking and doing homework out in the sun!

Usually, you’ll have classes during the afternoon as well, but again, this depends heavily on your schedule. In my case, I often had a longer lunch break and classes started at 3pm again. The free time is great for either socializing or working on some projects. There are many spots on campus where you can meet with a group or also study quietly on your own! When you’re in need of a coffee before classes start again in the afternoon, you can find places to get some all over campus – the Swedes love their coffee! Especially in the beginning of the semester there are a lot of organisations handing out coffee for free in front of KTH Entré so keep an eye out for them! It’s not only great to get a coffee for free, you’ll also be able to talk to many different people and hear what they do in their organisations ☕.

On the way to the next class (Photo by: Annusyirvan Fatoni)

Most classes are over at 5pm – time to go home! Or stay on campus to finish off some work or meet with your associations? I personally joined some organisations where we took the chance to meet directly after 5pm since many of us were still on campus anyways. So, some days during the week might be a bit longer, but they’re also a lot of fun! And in the end, it depends a lot on how you plan your own day, where you prefer to do you university work and if you join any associations besides your study programme.

I have great memories of the short time I was able to take classes on campus and I really hope that it is soon possible again to meet up and spend some days together on campus.

Until then: stay safe!
// Maria