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The days are getting longer!

Today is the 1st February and you can really feel that the days are getting longer! When I came back to Stockholm in the beginning of January, the sun set at around 3 pm already and the days were quite dark. But this changed over the past weeks and it’s wonderful to see, how each and every day the sun stays up a little longer!

Snowy and sunny Stockholm

When moving to Sweden, many people had to say was “Oh, it’s gonna be so dark there!” – maybe you also have heard people saying this before. I have to tell you now: it’s really not that bad! From the winter solstice onwards, every day will be a little brighter and very soon we will stay up and out all night just like the sun. However, I had to learn to adjust my days a bit during winter times. I’m usually more a person that tries to finish off everything on the to do list and then decides that it’s time to go outside for a walk. In Sweden, I had to change this way of thinking, because usually, when I’m finished with my to do list, it was past sunset. So, my new way of getting enough fresh air and sunlight in winter is to finish off some things in the morning, go out during lunch time and then start off again on my tasks. It might be a bit difficult at first to adjust like this, but you need to remind yourself, that for tasks at home or in front of your computer, you don’t really need any sunlight.

Enjoying the sun on 1st February 2021

So, grab the chance like any other Swede and go outside once the sun shines! Right now, we have a lot of snow in Stockholm, which makes the day even brighter and it’s way more fun to be outside in the cold! Also, isn’t it great to come back home and have a hot cup of tea or coffee to heat up?

KTH’s courtyard in January 2021

Quick reminder: While enjoying all the snow or whatever wheather you might have at home right now, don’t forget that today is the deadline to hand in the supporting documents for your application at University Admission!

Enjoy the cold and the sun!
// Maria