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Is it spring already?

The last weekend of February has been full with sun! ☀️🌷

It was really nice to already wake up to the sun shining and then it basically lasted for the whole day. I took the chance and went outside as much as I could. Yesterday, I finally took a walk again around my favourite island Djurgården. I haven’t been there for a long time now as it was rainy and dark and I thought it’s not worth the train ride to go there.

Now, waiting has finally paid off! Just like me, a lot of people took the chance and enjoyed the sun during the weekend. Did you know that Djurgården is not only a great place to take walks but it’s also home to Skansen, Stockholm’s open-air museum, the ABBA museum and much more? I really hope that these places are able to open up soon again, so that I get a chance to visit them – can you believe that I still haven’t been to the ABBA museum? There is also the Vasa museum on Djurgården where you can see the original Vasa ship that sank in 1628 and was nearly entirely salvaged in 1961.

Yesterday was definitely not my last day visiting Djurgården, but until then, I’m going to enjoy the sunny pictures I took! 😊

On my way back, I was rewarded with the sun slowly going down.

See you soon!
// Maria