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My projects in Internet Marketing

In the fall, I’ve done two group projects during period 2 that I would like to share with you today. The projects were part of the elective course “Internet Marketing” (ME2094) and only a basic course in Marketing is a prerequisite to take the course. It focuses on digital marketing and strategy and to complete the course students need to work on two group projects. 🤓

In my case, the first project was a case study on a given company. We decided to dive into the marketing case of the sports brand NIKE. The task was to analyse NIKE’s current digital marketing models and their performance and then develop new marketing strategies for them. From five different alternatives that my group developed we decided to suggest three in the end in our presentation to the devised “NIKE board” which consisted of fellow students and the teacher of the course. Over about half of the period we developed the idea of an improved personal customer support, an AI-based measuring tool to reduce the number of returns, and a fitness & health podcast. All the ideas did not have to be designed as a prototype, but we had to develop an idea of how the recommendations can work, what risks they entail and how they could be implemented.

Presentation NIKE
Our recommendations for NIKE – part of our presentation

In the second project, we were able to choose a company on our own and the task was to define a complete marketing strategy for the company based on the SOSTAC-model. As my group already dived into the sports segment, we decided to create a strategy for the company Under Armour. We defined three objectives: the customization of products, the reduction of the purchase process length and the increase of the brand visibility. With the objectives in mind, it was our job to create a complete digital marketing strategy consisting of tactics, risk analysis and cost calculation.

Presentation Under Armour
Our objectives as part of the digital marketing strategy for Under Armour

Everything you need as theoretical models you’ll learn during the lectures, but of course a general interest in marketing is helpful. Even though my group consisted of Media Management students we had a lot of students in the course that did completely different topics in their master’s programme and wanted to get an idea of Internet Marketing. I really liked how the theory became clearer with the projects and you really learn how to apply specific models. So if you’re interested in the topic and are still in need of some credits, it’s a definite recommendation from me! 📱

Good luck when choosing your courses!
// Maria