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Vaxholm – the capital of Stockholms archipelago

Did you know that Stockholm’s archipelago consists of approximately 24,000 islands? Amazing, isn’t it? 🤩

One of the most popular islands is Vaxholm, north-west of Stockholm. Last year in summer, I went there to spend my birthday on this pretty island. You can go to Vaxholm via boat or by subway and bus. There is a ferry that is going from Strömkajen near Kungsträgården which you can use with your monthly SL ticket 🚢

Beautiful small houses on Vaxholm 🏡

I went there by subway and bus, as this was the most convenient way for me, even though it takes some time to get there. The bus arrives directly at the waterfront of Vaxholm and you can already see Vaxholm kastell opposite of where you’re arriving. Firstly, I wanted to see a bit more of the island. The plan was to take a tour around the whole island, which is around 8 km. At the beginning, you pass by many colourful houses, they have the typical Swedish look and are super pretty! There are also many bays to go for a swim. Even though it was super hot during the day, I didn’t really plan to bring any swimming gear – so bear that in mind when you go there in summer, it’s a great cool down!

The town of Vaxholm

Continuing my way around the island, I have to say that it’s not the best one for a hike. There are walkways everywhere but most of the time you’ll be walking along the street where the cars are going. There are many many cars in summer, as a lot of people also go there by car for a day or weekend trip. But this doesn’t mean that you cannot have fun in Vaxholm! I would just recommend you to stroll more through the small town instead of trying to go for a longer hike. The town is also very beautiful and there is lots to see! At the waterfront you’ll find some cafés and ice cream shops, when you need a break or just want to take in the atmosphere.

Vaxholm kastell

While relaxing and eating an ice cream in the shadow by the waterfront, we were watching the small ferry going back and forth to Vaxholm kastell, built in 1548 and used for protecting Stockholm and toll charges. As you need to pay for the 2-minute ferry ride to the kastell, we were wondering, if you also need to pay an additional entrance fee and thought, that the entry fee might be expensive, additional to the ferry costs. But I have good news for you! It’s free to enter the kastell once you took the ferry! And it’s really worth going there! You’ll have a really nice view over the archipelago once you’re up the tower of the kastell. In addition, you can see the whole kastell for free and wander around the tiny island. The only thing you need to pay for is, if you would like to see the exhibitions as well. As the ferry is going back and forth all day, there is no need to plan anything. You can just hop on whenever you’d like!

The view from the tower at Vaxholm kastell

All days need to come to an end, and in the evening, it was time for me to go back to the city – but this time, we took the ferry! This was a great adventure, as the tour to Stockholm takes about an hour and you can see more of the huge archipelago. I can definitely recommend going to Vaxholm, it’s a pretty island with lots to explore. You’ll find a good mixture of shopping, history and nature 🌼

Have a great weekend!
// Maria

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