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Ask Away- Part 1

The wait is finally over! The admissions results are announced and I hope you made it through. If not, nothing is lost since there is always a next time. We understand that all the students will have loads of questions spiralling through their mind about a bunch of things like accommodations, tuition fees, what next, etc. So we thought, let’s try and answer as much as possible. Ivan, our Instagram curator created an Instagram “Ask us anything” forum yesterday. As expected we received numerous questions from you and in the next two blogs, I and Maria will try and address those questions as much as possible.

I have been selected for the master’s programme at KTH. Do I need to accept the results somewhere?

No, Students offered admission to a master’s programme are by default considered to be willing to join the programme. So you do not have to do anything. However, if you wish to decline the offer, you can communicate that to the university so that a student on the waiting list will be offered admissions.

In what way will students be assisted by KTH till the time of arrival to KTH?

KTH offers numerous assistance to reach out to students. Every selected student will be contacted by a current KTH student through your email to schedule a call with you, to answer all your queries. This happens during the call-up week between 15-30 April 2021. Multiple webinars are lined up to interact with the students about specific topics such as next steps after admission results, residence permit, sustainability at KTH, accommodations etc. You can find more details about the webinar here. Admitted students can also be part of the KTH Facebook group and connect with fellow admitted students and KTH staff.

What next after getting the admission results for an International student?

Keeping calm! I would understand that students would be tensed about the next steps, but I can assure you that it would be smoother than you expect it to be. The primary next steps would be paying the student fees, applying for accommodation and getting the residence permit. You can read a more detailed blog post about the next step to be done here.

My waiting list is ‘X’ in Y master’s programme. Is there any chance of getting admitted? How will I be notified of it?

This is one of the most frequent questions, but we do not have a straight answer to it. I was also on the waiting list the first time I applied to KTH and I did not get admissions. I reapplied the next year and now I am here. On contrary, I have seen a few people who did get admitted in the second round after being on the waiting list. So, it would be difficult to have a definite answer to this question. There would be no live updates if you are moving up on the waiting list. KTH will contact you through email during the end of May or June 2021if you are offered admission on the waiting list.

When will international students have to come to Stockholm in order not to miss the welcome reception?

The arrival days are 02 and 22 August 2021. You can plan to reach Stockholm on any one of these days to enjoy the services KTH offers such as free bus service from Arlanda airport to the KTH campus, pick-up of your accommodation keys, student guides, activating your KTH IT accounts etc. Although, it is recommended that you reach Stockholm by 22 August 2021 to not miss the mandatory School introduction.

I hope this blog post answered your questions. You can also read Maria’s blog tomorrow where she will continue to answer your questions.

If you are New at KTH, this is a page that you must bookmark.

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