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Ask Away – Part 2

At the end of last week, the admission results for the autumn semester 2021 have been sent out – isn’t that exciting? 🤩 But with exciting times comes also a lot of questions which you could raise for example on our Instagram account during the past days. Vivek, my fellow student blogger has started to answer some of your questions yesterday already and today, I’ll try to answer some more questions so that you can start into the new week with less question marks in your head!

How is covid-19 influencing the current study situation? Are there any physical classes?

Many of you raised questions related to the current covid-19 pandemic. Right now, during the spring semester all classes are conducted online. However, the facilities on campus are open for studying as well as the library and the restaurant. Everyone at KTH is working hard on keeping study places open, this is why it’s important to follow the rules, when visiting the campus. Depending on how the situation evolves, decisions will be made for the upcoming autumn semester which you can read more about here. Some of you also wanted to know whether there will be introduction weeks despite covid-19. KTH and THS (the student’s union) are both working hard on providing you with a great start into your life in Stockholm and at KTH and will do their best to have digital and/or physical introduction activities.

KTH Entré
Photo by: Annusyirvan Fatoni

Can I work part-time while studying? How can I find a job or an internship?

If you would like to work part-time while studying to get some practical experiences or to finance your studies in Stockholm, this is of course possible. You should, however, keep in mind that you’re also a full-time student and I personally recommend to check-out the study environment and your classes first, before deciding on a job. Some programmes might allow you to have a regular part-time job on specific days of the week, for others it might be handier to have a job where you can decide when you’re working. For all jobs and internships applies: you’re responsible for finding the job that you like and fits best to you. However, KTH provides you with a lot of help regarding applications, etc. You can check out this link for more info 💻

When do applications open for 2022?

Some of you seem to be super prepared and asked us when the applications for 2022 will open. If you would like to start your studies in autumn 2022, you should keep your eyes open on our website in October 2021. This is when the application process for the master’s programmes will start.

We have also received some questions about accommodation. There will be a webinar coming up 22nd April 2021 from 16:00 – 17:00 (CEST) for all fee-paying and scholarship holder students – you can sign up for it here. In addition, Vivek and I will soon provide you with more info on student housing on the blog, so stay tuned! 🏡

We hope that we solved some of your questions!
// Maria