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Happy Valborg!

Today, on the 30th April, Valborg is celebrated in Sweden. Valborg, in English it’s called Walpurgis Night, is an old festival in Sweden coming from Germany in the Middle Ages. From a German perspective, I have to say that I was quite surprised about this history, as the celebrations we have in the night to the 1st May in Germany nowadays, are in my opinion very different from the Swedish ones. The tradition must have been adopted over the years 😄

Valborg celebrations
Valborg celebrations in Stockholm (Photo by: visitstockholm)

This year, quite similar to last year, many of the big celebrations and fires are not taking place due to the ongoing covid-19 pandemic. This also means for me, that I didn’t get the chance to experience the actual festivities, but I have heard so much about this special day! Large bonfires are being lit and, on this day, spring is celebrated in Sweden 🌷 In the former days, the bonfires were also said to banish witches.  

If you’re an incoming student or you have some time of your studies at KTH left, then you should already mark your calendar for next year’s Valborg, as I am sure celebrations will be possible again by then! At least for me, it is a day that I really would like to experience, and I’ll try my best to be back in Stockholm during the end of April in the upcoming year! 🤩

However you’ll spend this day: Happy Valborg!
// Maria

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