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How to find a place to live in Stockholm – outside a student housing

If you’ll start as a new student this autumn at KTH, you’re probably already super excited about your new adventure! But maybe, you’re also wondering, where you should live? How should you find a new place to stay? This blog post will solve your questions regarding living outside a student housing. In the next days, Vivek also gives you tips about applying for student housing, so check it out if that’s what you’re looking for! For all fee-paying students: remember to register for the accommodation webinar held by KTH at 22nd April 2021.

For all you non-fee-paying students, you might wonder how to find an accommodation in Stockholm. Finding a place to live in such a big city can be quite challenging. So here comes my first tip: start looking early enough, preferably already now! Many of my first attempts to find a place to stay didn’t work out, because it was too early, and the people wanted to rent out their apartment or room earlier. However, this is a great opportunity to get into the housing-game. In Stockholm, there is a difference between first and second-hand tenants. First-hand means that you have a contract with the company renting the apartment directly and second hand means that you’re the subtenant of someone else. From my own experience, it’s rather unlikely that you’ll find a first-hand contract, as these are very rare on the market and also work with a (in my eyes) quite complicate principle of collecting “waiting days”. However, this is no problem at all!

Second-hand renting is super common in Sweden, the only thing you need to be aware of: you can only rent a place second-hand for two years – that comes quite handy, as the master programmes at KTH last exactly two years! But how to do find your place to live?

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I can recommend you to try out Blocket, it’s quite similar to ebay and Swedes use it also to insert their apartments or rooms. The platform is in Swedish but with Google Translate, it works quite fine – you can also start practicing your Swedish here 😄 If you want to write someone a message, you can perfectly do that in English, as nearly everyone speaks English in Sweden and they’re all very helpful.

Social Media

Social Media, especially Facebook, is also a great way to search for a flat. You can check out the various groups about finding accommodation in Stockholm or Sweden. I can recommend you to write a nice text about yourself, what you’re looking for in terms of price, etc. and add a picture of yourself. This makes you more approachable and people can get a first feeling to whom they might rent out their room or place.


Your cousin’s friend’s boyfriend is living in Stockholm? Great! Now is the time to contact this person or anyone you might know. Even if you only know a person around 5 corners, don’t worry and text them anyways! Everyone knows how hard the accommodation market can be here in Stockholm and they’ll try their best to help you! Or maybe you already know someone who’ll also start at KTH this autumn? Pair up and exchange knowledge about finding a place to stay!

Be aware of scams!

As with everything online nowadays, on social media and also on platforms like Blocket there are a lot of scams – please be aware of this! It doesn’t mean that you need to be afraid, you should only be a bit careful what kind of personal details you share with people. For example, don’t transfer any money beforehand or without any solid contract!

Be patient!

It’s still April and you have enough time to find a place to stay! Be patient with your search! It can take some time until someone reaches out to you. I can also recommend you to post multiple times in social media groups, etc. so that people remember you 😊 I personally found my place through the Facebook group “Germans in Stockholm” (I’m sure there is an equivalent for many other countries, too!). I talked with the previous tenants first and then multiple times with the first-hand tenant as well who also showed me the apartment via Skype. I was quite lucky as I could stay in the same place for the whole two years. However, the search took some time for me too. To give you an indicator of how long it might take – I signed my contract in the beginning of June.

Stay patient!
// Maria

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