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Means of travelling through Sweden

Once summer is coming along (and the covid-19 cases hopefully decreasing), you might want to travel a bit around the country. With its length of ~ 1600 kilometres, Sweden is a large country with lots to see both north and south of Stockholm! 🤩 For this, I would like to share some of my experiences about means of travelling with you today.

Travelling by train

The trains in Sweden are operated by SJ and it’s a comfortable and safe way to travel through the country. Also a plus: usually the trains are on time in Sweden which is very convenient. One time, when travelling to Falun, I had a train delay of about 1 hour and already got parts of the ticket price refunded as a compensation which worked easily online. If you want to travel a longer distance, going by train is also a good solution: on my trip to Kiruna I took the overnight train. Here you can choose whether you want to have a small room with a bed or if you just want to book a seat. As with every transportation option, booking early is usually cheaper than last minute. 🚆

Kiruna train station
Kiruna train station

Travelling by car

Especially when you plan a round trip or a trip to multiple places, a car can be handy. With friends I have rented a car multiple times now in Sweden. There are many options available on the internet where you can compare prices and find the best solution for your trip! When travelling to Småland and then down to Malmö and Ystad taking the car was quite handy as you are not tied to any train schedules and connections. I can also recommend a car, if you want to see many different spots in one place that you can’t reach by walking. Bear in mind that the driving conditions can vary, especially when going up north during autumn or winter times! When driving through the forest, there can also be animals like reindeers hopping on the street, so drive carefully! Especially when travelling in a group, taking the car can be super fun! 🚗

Car rental
Picking up the car at the car rental

Travelling by plane

Sweden is a large country and so it is also possible to take the plane from one place to the other. However, taking the plane consumes quite some time as well, as you need to be at the airport early enough and delays can be common too. In addition, it’s not very sustainable, so I recommend evaluating other means of travelling before choosing the plane. Sometimes, it can happen, that the plane is the only option like on my Kiruna trip. As mentioned earlier, going there was easy as I was able to take the overnight train. However, coming back to Stockholm was more difficult, because there were very few trains going down south due to construction works on the tracks. For this, it was quite handy to have the option of taking the plane as well. 🛫

Of course, you can also reach some destinations by ship, for example when you want to travel to Gotland or over to Finland. You can see, there are different means of travelling through Sweden. Before each trip, you should think about what you would like to see and calculate how much budget you want to spend. This way, you can decide which way of travelling might be best for your journey!

Safe travels!
// Maria

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