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5 reasons why you should choose Sweden

Previously, I already wrote about why you should accept your study offer at KTH. But maybe you still have other countries in your head, where you might have been offered a study programme as well? Or maybe you’re just struggling in general, whether Sweden is the right country for you to live in? Today, I’ll try to dispel some of your worries and tell you a bit more about Sweden and why you should choose to come here 🤩

High quality of education

One of the most important reasons for me to choose Sweden was the high quality of their education system. To me, the country was always known as having a thought through educational system from pre-school up until your university education. Also, universities in Sweden always achieve a good ranking in international comparisons – KTH for example ranks 98th in the QS World University Ranking!

Sustainable lifestyle

Are you a fan of everything that is sustainable and want to get deeper into making your daily life more sustainable? Then Sweden is your place to go! Even though many other countries are trying to keep up with the sustainable change, Sweden has been going this way for many years and there is a lot you can learn about sustainability and a healthy lifestyle here!


The love of sustainable topics is closely related to the Swedes love of nature. Even in big cities like Stockholm, parks are usually just a walk away from where you’re living. And on the weekends, it’s always about going out to the archipelago or a hike and just enjoy life! You don’t have to go far to reach beautiful places and experience the beauty of tranquillity 🌳

Vaxholm – in the Stockholm archipelago


One thing that I still love about Sweden today is their internationality. Already as kids the Swedes learn and speak English in school, and this pays off! There is barely anyone who cannot speak English which of course comes handy when being in a new country and trying to navigate around the city or make friends at university. This also comes along with the people being very open-minded and friendly – you just need to take the initiative and talk to them!

Innovation and creativity

There is a reason that big companies like Klarna, Spotify, H&M and many others have their origins in Sweden. The mentality is characterized by creativity and innovative thinking. Especially at university you’re encouraged to just start discussing about ideas, refining them and sometimes also discarding them. At KTH we have a whole department that helps you developing your ideas!

I hope these five insights into Swedish life and values could give you an idea of what it means to choose Sweden as your home country for this new adventure! Here, you can also read my blog post about why you should choose KTH 🎓

Enjoy your weekend!
// Maria

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