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Conquering the insurance jungle

Are you already excited about your journey to Sweden? 🤩 If you have been admitted for KTH starting in Autumn 2021, you’re probably already out and about organizing moving to Stockholm. An important topic that you shouldn’t forget about is insurances. It can be a very boring topic, however, in case something happens to you while you’re abroad and you need to see a doctor, it is good to be prepared 💪

When using the school premises of KTH or while travelling to and from these, you’ll be insured through a personal injury insurance by KTH. However, during off-campus activities it is important that you organize for yourself to be insured correctly. KTH recommends including the following in your insurance:

  • personal injury (outside school hours)
  • medical care cover
  • dental care cover
  • liability cover (in the event that you are subject to a claim for damages)
  • legal expenses cover (if you need to make a claim for damages)
  • home transport (in case of serious injury)
  • private property cover (luggage, mobile phone, laptop, etc.)

Non-EU vs. EU-students

Depending on whether you’re coming from an EU/EEA member country or not, the additional insurances through KTH differ. If you’re a tuition fee paying student in your bachelor’s or master’s programme or a KTH scholarship holder, you’re provided with a FAS+ insurance by KTH. Students coming from an EU/EEA member country won’t be provided with insurance by KTH. However, you have your European Health Insurance Card that entitles you to use health services in Sweden.

Ask for help

If you have arrived in Stockholm and are in need of medical help, don’t hesitate to ask someone from KTH to point you in the right direction. The Swedish health care system might be different from what you’re used to in your home country. However, this should not be an excuse for you to not go and see a doctor. In Sweden, medical health care is mainly handled through health care centres called vårdcentral. You can make an appointment by calling their reception. If you would like to know more about the health care system, click here.

Even though insurances might seem like a jungle to you right now, it is not that complicated. If you’re eligible to the FAS+ insurance, you can check out the details here. And if you’re a student with an European Health Insurance Card, I can recommend you checking with your insurance company on which services are covered and how to proceed in case of an emergency. If you have any questions regarding insurance, feel free to leave a comment.

Good luck! 🍀
// Maria

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