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My journey of learning Swedish

Some months ago, I have already shared some of my experiences in learning Swedish at SFI with you. I also described a bit of my journey that brought me to taking the course in Swedish A2 at KTH this semester. If you want to know how everything started, click here. As the semester is soon ending and my last lecture will come up next week, I thought it’s time to share some more experiences with you 😊

Am I fluent in Swedish now?

No, of course not 😄 But I was able to improve my vocabulary, I can follow small conversations and write short texts – and I think that’s great! The A2 Swedish course also introduced some interesting topics like finding accommodation in Sweden, Swedish summer houses and the Swedish school system. So it’s not only about strictly learning vocabulary, but also about getting to know Sweden a bit better. My group consisted of around 15 students, and although we had online classes it was very engaging and a lot of fun to attend the classes. During the week, when we didn’t have lectures, we had many smaller tasks to do at home, which I really enjoyed. Sure, sometimes you might run short on time especially when having to deal with other courses. However, these tasks help you to continuously learn – something that I was missing at SFI.

Practice, practice, practice!

What takes up the most time in the journey of learning another language is practicing it! Especially to practice speaking it 💬 And this is where I reached my limits. I was not able to invest as much time as I would like to have in practicing to talk. But this is okay, as I’m still a full-time student and have done the Swedish course as an extra to my normal studies. However, a tip that I can give to all of you who are maybe at the same point, try to keep going! I know, that especially in Sweden with everyone being fluent in English, it can be very hard to find someone, who’s taking the time to practice with you. But I’m sure, if you take some time to find that person, it’ll be worth it. It’s not only about practicing to talk but also about making friends and getting a small insight into the Swedish life 🤓

Swedish book and vocabulary

For all of you coming to Sweden

I can really recommend you to start learning Swedish once you arrived here. From my own experience I can tell that I’m still a bit sad to not have started right away when coming here. Sure, I have done the Introduction course, KTH is offering, which is definitely a good way to get into the language and the Swedish culture. However, starting into the language right away is definitely a plus as you have 2 years’ time of learning ahead of you. If you’re not sure whether you have the time or whether learning another language is something for you, there are a lot of apps with which you can learn first words and get a feeling of the language.

For all of you that are already in Sweden

It’s never too late! I’m so happy that I decided to start learning Swedish last year! Sure, I’m of course not fluent, but it’s just nice to understand some things in the daily life, to be able to follow small conversations and to know some parts of the language of the country you’re living in. I definitely recommend checking out KTH’s Swedish courses! 💪

How will my journey of learning Swedish go on?

To be very honest, I don’t know yet. The A2 course will be finished next week and after that I’ll first of all be left with my language apps and trying to speak a bit in the daily life. However, this is perfectly fine, I am sure that I’ll get an opportunity to continue learning Swedish at some point 🤩

Until then: Ha det så bra! Have a great time!
// Maria